Alternatives to MetaTrader: A Look Into Atompix

.17 Jan 2024
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While many traders and brokers have found MetaTrader platforms to be the go-to choice for their trading needs, some try to explore other options before entering the markets. The MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) are excellent trading platforms, although some alternatives can provide as many features and capabilities as those two trading platforms can.

Alternative platforms are created with modern technologies and designed based on the standards of today’s traders. While there is quite a number of alternatives that can match the MT4’s and MT5’s performance, there is one that we would like to discuss and look into.

Atompix: The Complete Trading Solution

According to its website, Atompix is the complete trading solution that offers a multi-asset trading platform with one-click execution, easy integration, high-quality performance, and quick access to thousands of instruments.

In addition, this platform understands the importance of customization, providing users with convenient features, including market analyses, tracking, and order management. This feature also gives users a personalized view of their trades, as they can hide or rearrange certain sections of the platform.

Moreover, the customization, integration, and setup process are done quickly due to their international teams, which are located across six offices worldwide. Further details about some of the platform’s features are as follows:

Real-Time Analysis

Real-time analysis is a convenient tool in the markets. In the fast-paced, ever-changing trading world, it’s essential for traders to stay updated with the latest trends, and real-time market analysis provides current trends so market players can predict prices and market fluctuations.

Chart Analysis

Traders are usually given a significant amount of chart data. That is why the platform’s chart analysis feature offers flexibility and customization that lets traders organize their charts in their own way.

Market Tracking

Once traders have the necessary reports and data, they can follow the market’s progress, analyze, and strategize on their next move. The market tracker learns from historical data and supports traders in making wise decisions during their journey.

  • Other Features of the Platform
  • Customizable UI
  • One-Click Execution
  • More Than 1,500 Instruments
  • 16 Markets Available
  • Access to Over 100 Indicators
  • Real-Time Market Alerts
  • Available to Use on Web, Desktop, and iOS/Android Mobile Devices

Brokerage Services

Atompix is not only a trader’s tool but also a broker’s tool. The platform offers a business account that allows companies to provide brokerage services without requiring them to download other software.

Opening a business account is quite a simple process and often only takes about a minute or less. Interested clients only need to contact the platform’s customer support and make a request to create a business account. Currently, the platform provides brokerage services to clients in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Final Thoughts

Overall, whether a trader or broker, beginner or professional, this trading terminal can be a suitable option for catering to their needs.
With its advanced trading features, easy integration, and convenience, the platform has the solutions to help market players gain the edge they need to participate in the competitive trading industry.

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