BitCoin, or BTC, shows a slow decline that took place in the past month took a drastic curve as the crypto-currency unexpectedly dropped. BTC has already been attempting to revert back to its original position after a series of fall outs occurred in the past month, a drop from 8,100$ to 8,800$ in only a week’s time.

What is Happening to BTC?

The ability for BTC to hold on to the eight thousand dollar markup has been analyzed, and it seems that there is a three percent decline that might affect the current almost-stable price on BitCoin. There is also a probability that if there is not hope in the foreseeable future for BTC to go above 8,000 dollars, then there will be a huge correction that might take place.

In order to further understand, there will be a two-thousand dollar transition that would lead BTC to require support at an alarming price of 5,900$. There is no guarantee that the cryptocurrency market will decline more than that, but many traders in the cryptocurrency industry are cautious and anxious about the next few days.

The current value of BTC is 7,900$, which means that BitCoin barely was able to get back on its. It is possible that there could be a downfall to the BitCoin in the coming week. Also, there is speculation that BTC would be able to hold their current price until the end of the week. However, it is highly unlikely that the current price would be able to go higher as an upscale to the current price.

There has also been major backlash from the traders in the cryptocurrency industry, as they are constantly selling off mass amounts of digital assets. This is an attempt to further away from the financial risks that are taking place with BTC.

Technical Indicators

The following is technical indicators, analyzed by financial analysts that have carefully articulated the current situation of BTC. As an overall, the bias in the future prices is declining. There is a downward fall to the prices in the situation of BitCoin, and according to the analysts, there is going to be a downside. There is also the possibility that prices are vulnerable to a financial correction.

Due to the technical indicators, traders are very anxious over what is occurring with the issue of BTC, since the outlook does not look good for traders in the cryptocurrency industry, among other financial markets.