Many traders in currency investment who gamble their funds when prices fluctuate are suffering from the long-term calm that is happening in Forex markets, due to rock-bottom interest rates and central bank moving in different directions when it comes on monetary policies.

The Yuan’s plunge that occurred in August, below seven-per-dollar lifted in implied volatility gauges, has reached eight months. However, much to currency traders’ pleasure, the all-time-high is coming to an end soon. According to a Deutsche Bank index that predicts any changes in prices in a three-month period, the implied volatility that is partial across the main important currencies have slipped back to 7.52 after surging to 8.11 right after the Yuan movement.

When it comes to currency investment funds, there is going to be a spike of action with volatility gauges, but then it slows down, yet again. Entities who are concerned with buying and selling currencies, FX swaps and futures, can see that they are starting to be down on their luck and they won’t be seeing any profit soon.

The outflow of funds has been a little easier in 2019, with 159.08 million dollars being flushed out from the beginning of the year to July, according to Morningstar. However, total net assets at mutual funds regarding currency have dropped to 6.86 billion dollars, worldwide. This has been happening since its peak in 2012, with a downhill battle for all currency traders.

With the current situation and implied volatility gauges on most primary currencies reaching a new low, many financial managers are thinking about letting go of this particular investment. “If the audience doesn’t embrace it, eventually you have to pull that plug,” quoted from Axel Merk, CIO of Merk Investments, who has reached a monopolized return currency fund. Merk Investment wasn’t the only currency mutual fund to close down; they were one of ten currency mutual funds in 2019 alone.

Alongside mutual currency funds, hedge funds have been suffering from this particular issue as well. There are only 49 actively trade currency futures and cash forwards that can be found in the inter-bank market; these numbers don’t look good for what is expected to come.

Specifically speaking about currency hedge funds, they have received returns of 2.38%, which has dwindled greatly. It is obvious to state that all those traders who have invested in other assets are going to gain more profit than traders who only chose to invest in major currencies.