eToro is one of the biggest trading platforms on a global level, and its moving to be even bigger with a launch on their own debit card. There are plans for big changes in 2020, as they plan on debuting a credit card service throughout the year that will be functioning in Hong Kong, the US, and South Africa.

eToro is Taking the Plunge for its Debit Card

There have been rumors going around that eToro plans on releasing its own debit card, and it has been confirmed. Through an interview, it was announced that the debit card is planning on being launched in 2020. The Chief Executive Officer and the co-founder of eToro, Yoni Assia, has explained that the debit card is a stepping stone in expanding the trading service provider’s already massive range of trading services, serving over one-hundred countries all over the world.

There have been new developments in the increase of trading crypto-assets. According to Assia, there has been a 54% increase in the market as a whole, with a 193Bn USD increase in value. The main reason behind the increase is that BitCoin has single-handedly helped the market with a whopping 68%, more than half. It is expected that the debit card will only improve the trading experience for its loyal customers.

What Else Are They Planning?

There have been plans that eToro wants to streamline operations among themselves. They consider the debit card to be the right step to emphasize their care for trader convenience, making it easier for traders to withdraw funds and properly utilize it. The trading service provider is proud to be only a few in the trading industry who permits crypto-asset trading and conventional stocks trading under one roof, merging all the experiences into one.

eToro plans on making more moves on improving its growth, a project that has been in the works since November 2019. After the last acquisition of a crypto-asset tracking application, Delta, eToro gives users the ability to access an array of different types of crypto-assets. These crypto-assets include: LiteCoin, BitCoin, and Ethereum.

Furthermore, eToro plans on expanding geographically, already starting the expansion in the US over a year ago. The trading service provider plans on going further, by attempting to add trading shares to the US, along with the existing crypto-assets trading.

There is so much in store for eToro as it tries to dominate the crypto-asset world, and eventually with the pace it is going, it’ll be the leading trading provider across the world!

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