eToro Brokers, globally acclaimed social trading platform and broker, are currently investing in a financial technology company that is utilized for novice property purchasers, known as Proportunity.

What is Proportunity?

Proportunity is a Fintech company that targets clients who are looking to buy property for the first time. The company has managed to raise 2 Mln Euros, with the help of key investors such as eToro Brokers, Axel Springer Digital Ventures, and Anthemis. The management of the Fintech firm states that they will only mediate buyers who find the property market challenging and that they are the only monopoly of the industry.

Proportunity has been regulated by UK’s financial regulatory agency, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and offers equity mortgages of up to 15% of a property’s market value to novice property buyers. All clients who are new to the property market can now make bigger deposits on particular properties in quality locations of interest, while achieving more competitive mortgage rates with lower interest.

Currently, Proportunity reports to have 5,000 users, which is a great investment choice to eToro’s benefit. The client loaning company is arranging to utilize the funds raised from eToro Brokers and other investors to improve its analytics and widen its network of properties and mortgage broker associates. Proportunity is aiming to target Europe as its main audience for its services.

Who are eToro Brokers?

eToro Brokers was created in 2007 by three entrepreneurs who had a vision to innovate the world of trading. They aimed to fashion a trading platform that was appropriate to all kinds of traders, albeit beginner or expert.

Since 2007, eToro Brokers sustained its easy-to-use trading platform and has become the biggest and most popular trading brokerage firm and network. They are utilized by millions of user in more than 150 countries, globally.

eToro Brokers have defined the world of financial trading by offering an array of features and innovation. eToro Brokers have provided traders with the ability to access financial markets immediately and conveniently; they also have the ability to reach traders from around the world without any financial compensation.

Since eToro Brokers is headquartered in Cyprus, therefore they comply with CySEC; they also have the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Australian (ASIC) licenses. All licenses must abide by the three branches of jurisdictions.

Along with the three licenses and its regulations, eToro Brokers comply with the MiFID that benefits the clients in Europe. The licenses that regulate the firm and its safety procedures will benefit Australian clients, European clients, and clients with the UK.

Considering that eToro Brokers is the largest and most popular trading platform, it is approved as a safe trading firm.