Launching the Copy-Trade Feature on eToro

eToro, the social trading platform that reaches clients all around the world, just initiated its inventive “CopyTrading” feature for U.S. customers. It will permit the application’s eleven million trading accounts to mechanically duplicate the positions of its top securities clients. They’ll gain – or lose –identical percentage of their asset. The concept of copy trading is like following someone on social media, but with a cost. eToro Director of Finance and Operations, Hassan Ahmed, exposed on Twitter that Copy-Trader has finally reached the U.S.

Always the innovative financial-technology company, eToro’s copy-trading has made its way into the U.S. just days after it stated a Twitter mention with a crypto-portfolio. The corporation asserted the algorithm, which makes trades based on “crypto Twitter” response, has distributed 281% profits for its inventor over the past two years.

Following CashApp’s instigation of partial share brokerage last week, the new copy-trading attribute is another stride in the democratization of financial services and in financial entities.

Retail sponsors using eToro won’t have to contest to the total quantity of their favorite client’s resources to duplicate their trades. They can implement a smaller amount toward Copy-Trading, and eToro will reflect the trader they reproduce by percentage. There is only a minimum $200 financial asset in order to use the feature.

Alec Baldwin and Other Celebrities Represents Copy-Trading Feature

The Cyprus financial company that is based in Israel, enlisted Alec Baldwin as a representative for its launch of the copy-trading feature that is offered in the U.S. Baldwin applied his celebrity status in a video advertisement and a tweet with the tagline: “Copy the smart money,” and the hash-tag: #JustHitCopy.

Alec Baldwin is not the only celebrity that eToro has enrolled in its U.S copy-trading launch. Another enlisted celebrity is the UFC Champion Ben Askren, who tweeted a sponsored tweet to over a quarter of a million followers by using the hash-tag #JustHitCopy. He is considered one of the white-listed clients that U.S users can now copy from. Copy-traders can also copy trades off of Nicholas Merten, the king of crypto YouTube.

These celebrities are very reliable in their assets and with the eToro copy-trading features, users will be able to follow in their footsteps and replicate their trading decisions. All traders have to do is track the trades of their favorite traders and copy their trading strategies; it’s all about #JustHitCopy and they’ll be on their way to becoming better traders.