eToro, the copy trading investment platform, has released a portfolio that targets shoppers. The best part is that it’s just in time for Christmas.

eToro Launches Shopping Cart Portfolio

The portfolio that eToro has launched, known as “shopping cart”, allows investors to go through the world’s fast-paced conglomerates without the drawback of dealing with the fees that occur with purchasing assets and funds.

By traders investing in the shopping cart portfolio, traders will have access to global electronic commercial brands, like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay. All of these companies are market leaders in the product industry, and eToro offers traders the chance to invest with them. The sum market capital of the twenty five stocks for the top companies in the portfolio have managed to exceed exceeds $1.9 trillion USD.

eToro launched the shopping cart portfolio since shoppers are known to spend more money online than in actual shops. With the portfolio, it consists of opportunities for traders to invest with companies that have a strong reputation in electronic provisions.

According to the latest statistical report from the Office for National Statistics, it shows that approximately one Euro for every five Euro (19%) is spent in online shopping, in the UK. This highlights the significant value of convenience in internet shopping.

How Will This Impact the Copy Trading Investment Company?

According to Yoni Assia, the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of eToro, states “We believe that the most successful investors are those who invest in their passions and that’s why we have launched the shopping cart portfolio. Retail is one of the world’s leading sectors, with the industry worth more than £20 trillion, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for investors to make money.”

“The sector also includes some of the world’s best-loved and fastest-growing brands producing items that many of us use every day. For these reasons, we believe investors will love our new shopping cart portfolio and will be able to tap into an incredibly dynamic sector.”

According to eToro, the following list is the electronic commercial companies that are featured in the shopping cart portfolio. The companies are ”Jumia Technologies AG; Vipshop Holdings Ltd; Group Ltd; Netflix Inc; Inc; Wayfair Inc Meituan Dianping; Alibaba Group Holding Ltd; Inc; Expedia Group Inc; Chewy Inc; eBay Inc; On the Beach PLC; Booking Holdings Inc; ASOS PLC; Zalando SE; Spotify Technology SA; Farfetch Ltd; MakeMyTrip Ltd; Ocado Group PLC; Etsy Inc; Inc; N Brown Group PLC; MercadoLibre Inc; and Inc.”