Facebook Incorporated (FB.O) was charged with a lawsuit on Thursday in an anticipated class action condemning it of discriminating against elder and female clients by withholding marketing for financial services such as bank accounts, insurance, assets and loans.

What is Facebook Sued for?

According to the objection filed in San Francisco centralized court, Facebook continued in its keenness to let fiscal services advertisers “target” potential clients by age and gender, regardless of a current revamping that covers additional types of advertisements.

It is assumed that the California-based social media corporation’s performance breached the state’s civil rights decree, revealing that Facebook has caused billions of dollars in impending damages to users all over the country.

“The internet is not a place where you can discriminate against people because of their age or gender, particularly in financial services opportunities,” Peter Romer-Friedman, an attorney for the plaintiffs, stated “It would be like General Motors refusing to offer women or older people the same features on a car as men or younger people.”

Facebook’s Response

Facebook responded that it is currently assessing and evaluating the protest. “Our policies have long prohibited discrimination and we’re proud of the strides we’re making in this area,” a representative of Facebook replied, regarding the impending lawsuit.

The complaint was filed seven months after Facebook settled to renovate its targeted advertisement and promotion structure, including for Instagram and Messenger, to resolve legal claims by civil and social rights association that it let managers, landlords and lenders categorize by age, gender and zip code when inserting occupation, accommodation and credit advertisements.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Sheryl Sandberg said in the occasion that the modification would facilitate the safeguarding of Facebook users, and that “getting this right was deeply important to me and all of us at Facebook because inclusivity is a core value for our company.”

While Facebook has instigated the execution the transformation, the protest said it still permits financial services advertisement preventing such services to “people ages 24 to 40,” “men ages 20 and older,” and other similar groups.

“We recognize that Facebook has taken significant steps to prevent discrimination in housing and jobs,” as well as credit promotions, said Romer-Friedman, a legal representative at Outten & Golden. “The company can do a lot more.”

Thursday’s protest inquires about damages for millions of customers under California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act, which consents $4,000 of damages per breach.