NSBroker Ebook Guide 2020

NSBroker offers its clients a resourceful education center, including the glossary, e-books, video lessons and webinars. Among them, e-books are considered the most intensive way to fully understand the financial market.


Why you need Ebooks

Video lessons provide lectures with illustrations and commentary, which are very visual and straightforward. Meanwhile, webinars offer more discussions and interactions, which bring you a closer look at the real trading.

However, e-books are still the best way to fully understand trading and financial markets from the basics.


In e-books, all contents will be logically presented in order with various examples so you can learn step by step. As a result, you will have a better connection between lessons and understand the market more thoroughly.


How to get access

The education center of NSBroker is accessible for all of the broker’s clients. Thus, you have to register for an account.

Click OPEN AN ACCOUNT on the top right and fill in the required information.

Once you have an account, log in and choose “Education Center” in the ACADEMY tab then all the education materials are yours for free.


Ebooks Guide


In the education center, choose the Ebook category. You will see 3 main topics covering 3 financial markets, namely: Binary Option, Stocks and CFDs.


All e-books start with a risk warning along with an advisory. The next page is the introduction of the market that the book discusses. The following lessons or chapters cover all the aspects of that market, from basic to advance, attached with examples and trading tips.


Here are several things you can extract from the books:


  • The fundamentals forming the market. Besides, the book also shows how the mentioned market operates and the factors drive it. Here you can also find the common terms and their explanations.
  • Trading instruments offered in the market: Each market contains specific assets which traders invest and earn profit by predicting their right movements.
  • Trading tools: Trading is a complex work and requires meticulous analysis, thus you need the supporting tools to deal with it. They are charts, indicators, signals, and don’t forget about the news which can strongly affect the market.
  • Advantages and disadvantages: Financial markets are not the same, each market comes with pros and cons. So choose ones that suit your styles.
  • Trading strategies and hints: Here you can learn some tactics that work in real trading. You can try applying them or create your own one based on them.


Let’s move closer see the brief contents that the e-books can equip you with:




Binary Options Trading

 binary trading

  • Lesson 1: The basics of binary options trading


The first lesson offers a brief summary of binary options and its development in the financial market. The binary option is quite like a betting game. A trader gets the right to buy an underlying asset and sell it in a specific period of time. It’s binary since there are just 2 results: you either win by predicting right or lose your investment in the counter scenario.

Notable properties of trading binary options are simplicity, flexibility with many trading assets and also transparency


  • Lesson 2: Steps in trading binary option


It takes 4 steps for a typical trade. First, you choose an underlying asset which can be stock, forex, commodity or index. The next step is picking an expiry time, you will get your result at the end of time. The third step is the binary options; you pick Call if you think the value goes up, and pick Put if you think the value goes down. The final step is choosing the amount that you are willing to invest.


  • Lesson 3: Tools for trading and market analysis


Binary is a betting game but it needs analysis rather than just luck. To support you, the trading platform offers technical tools like charts or indicators. Based on them and news, you can do a comprehensive study before making your investment. A detailed analysis usually results in an exact prediction.


  • Lesson 4: Advantages of trading binary options


The biggest advantage of the binary option, compared to the other trading activities must be its ease.

Moreover, you can always calculate your certain gain per trade. In contrast, the binary option contains extremely high risk, compared with stocks or CFD. The bell rings and you just either get all or nothing.


  • Lesson 5: Binary trading strategies


There are 4 choices when it comes to trading binary options: Long up binaries, long down binaries, long in boundary binaries, long out boundary binaries. To trade, you can implement various tactics. Based on the analysis style, you have trading the news and trading the charts; based on the trading method, you have trend trading, swing trading or breakout trading.

But whatever style you choose, you must carry out carefully, step by step and as detailed as you can. It’s a guarantee for your success.


 Stock Trading

 stock trading

  • Stocks: What are those?


The first chapter always goes with the definition. Stocks are shares of a company. The company divides its ownership into parts and offers them to the public. In return, the buyers who are now called the shareholder have a part of the company and also the benefits within.


  • Why Do Companies Sell Stocks?


Selling stocks is a way to raise funds without getting a loan with interest from banks. Traders buying company stocks become company shareholders. In other words, you are an investor of that company and earn profit from the company’s success.


  • Types of Stocks?


There are 2 types: one is the common stock and the other is the preferred stock. While the former represents ownership and makes the shareholder a voter; the latter doesn’t grant that voting ability. Instead, individuals owning preferred stock play the role of capital contributors and earn profit from dividends.


  • How do Stocks Really Trade?


The market is divided into 2 halves representing 2 phases that the shares exported to the hand of the investor. The first phase or the primary market is more like a factory where the company issues or produces the stocks; while the second phase or the secondary market is a real market where investors trade and make profits. An example for the primary market is the New York Stock Exchange; for the secondary market, you can see the NASDAQ where you trade online and don’t need to present.


  • The Changing of Stock Prices?


Evaluation of a stock price is very complicated and is a summary of many factors. On the one hand, it partly reflects how worth a company is. On the other hand, the price is decided by the supply and demand regulation. If the supply prevails, the price goes down; if the demand exceeds, the price goes up.


  • Buying Stocks


Before choosing a stock to invest in, you have tons of jobs to do. Looking for the general market trend, pick some companies, do some analysis. Besides, some stocks that can bring you a lot of profit in a short time but they also come with high risk. Whereas, there are some other guaranteeing constant but very low profit.


  • How Can You Do Research On Stocks?


As aforementioned, the analysis step is very important, it is based on the market trend, the company’s ability and also your trading style. You are patient enough to be a long term investor, or you want to make as many trades as you can via short term stocks.


  • The Farm, The Bulls and The Bears


This is a metaphor for traders in the market. The market is a big farm full of animals. There are optimistic investors and there are also negative ones. Their impacts on the market reflect on the trend. When everything is good and the stocks go higher, you have a bull market and vice versa, when the economy goes bad and most investors sell their stocks to keep money, you have a bear market.





Contract For Difference (CFD) Trading

 cfd trading

  • Lesson 1: Understanding Contract For Differences


CFD is a purchasing agreement where the seller will pay or charge the buyer the difference between the value of an asset at the entry of the contract and the value of that asset at the end of the contract.

Unlike the binary option, CFD doesn’t have an expiry time, which partially reduces the inherent risk. In other words, traders can keep their position open as long as they can afford the loss.


Another characteristic that makes CFD so popular for retail traders is the margin. It’s like a loan that can magnify the capital and also profit/loss. Thanks to it, traders can start investing with a very small fund.


Other things that the first lesson deals with are several terms and relevant examples like pips or calculating a position.


  • Lesson 2: Why Trade CFDs


This lesson explains why CFD is so attractive among the financial markets. First, as aforementioned, one benefit of CFD is their margin, financial leverage is a strong tool for those who use it right.


CFD is applied for many trading instruments, you can trade Forex, Commodities, Energies Carrier, Stock, Indices in CFD. Since the trader doesn’t need to physically own these assets, trading them is accessible.  


CFD is 2-way trading. You can make profits from both buying and selling as long as you predict the right trend.


  • Lesson 3: Concept of Trading CFDs


A lot of things need to be considered when trading CFD. You need to choose a reliable platform having available tools that support your trades.

Trading strategies are also required to have yourself a proper trading plan, you need a good education gained from books, workshops, courses etc. Besides, trading experience also contributes to your complete plan.


Time frame is another important factor. Multiple periods bring you more angles and a better look at the market movements. Additionally, you need to choose a time frame set that fits your trading style.


You also need to balance your trading size based on your capital and risk capability to make your trade affordable.


  • Lesson 4: Platforms of Trading (Where and How)


You spend most of your trading time on the platform, as such, choosing the right one is vital. The platform is always attached to the broker, a reliable broker comes with a proper trading platform. All of the broker’s policies like spreads, commission, swap fee are presented in the platform.


This lesson also mentions the trading robot – a totally new trading tool programmed to implement your trading strategies. The trading robot’s decision has nothing to do with psychology making it an interesting tool for modern traders.




Cryptocurrency Trading

trading cryptocurrency

A complete guide on how to tradesome of the worlds most volatile and unpredictable financial instruments in the world.


Generally, e-books from NSBroker education center are good basic material. Finishing them, you can expand your knowledge about the trading world by reading insight articles, watching economic analysis or simply attending trading workshops


Moreover, you should diversify your training and rewind what you got in the e-book at the same time. NSBroker education center also offers video lessons and webinar where you can have different approaches to trading and the financial markets.


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