NSBroker Education Center Guide 2020

To be successful in forex trading, stable psychology, strict money management and extensive knowledge about the market are musts. You can not have them all in one day, but you can build them gradually by learning with NSBroker.


NSBroker Summary


The NSbroker brand is managed by NSFX Ltd., which was founded by a group of expert traders in 2011. This Forex and CFDs broker is based in Malta with the registration number IS/56519, granted by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). For a decade of operation, it has become one of the best trading service providers in both Malta and the world.


NSbroker is a regulated broker operated by NSFX Ltd since 2011. This broker aims to provide trading service to traders all around the world. Its notable features include:


  • Trading Instruments: over 70, including Forex, Commodities, Indices, Energy Carriers
  • Trading Account: Live, Demo
  • Leverage: Up to 1:100
  • Customer Service: 24/5
  • Trading Platform: MT5
  • Deposit and Withdrawal: Credit Card, Bank Transfer
  • Fund Segregation: Yes
  • Negative Balance Protection: Yes
  • Education Center: Glossary, Video lessons, Webinars, E-books

Education Center Guide


Forex trading is not a game of luck like gambling but a mind game, and a good mind needs to be sharpened by learning. NSBroker focuses on education and encourages all clients to get the best knowledge before trading. This is reflected by their rich education materials.


Even better, NSBroker offers all these valuable materials for free. But to use them, first, you have to sign up for an NSBroker account. Just tap in OPEN AN ACCOUNT on the top right of the website and fill in the required form. Don’t forget to verify your information after that.

nsbroker open account

Logging in your account then you are free to access the education center which is located in the ACADEMY tab in the top center of NSBroker website.

nsbroker education center


Education center breaks its learning materials into groups:


  • Glossary: Including over 150 financial terms vital for newbies who barely knows about the market.
  • E-books: Providing in-depth content on financial markets and trading.
  • Video lessons: For clients who want short and easy to understand materials, video lessons offer a more visual approach.
  • Webinar: If you want a more interactive channel, join regular webinars led by experts. Each workshop will focus on one topic where you can directly discuss with professional traders.
  • Calendar of Webinars: Where you track the schedule for the upcoming webinars.


Let’s take a closer look at each category:

Forex Glossary


Your trading journey starts with financial and relevant terms. Without an understanding of them, you don’t know anything about the market. It’s like a blind knight fighting his enemies but has no idea where the enemies are.


Being a new trader, you may encounter many new and strange vocabularies like pip, spread, position, bid, ask and others. A complete glossary with the full definition can be very useful. With its help, reading articles and analysis is never going to be your problem and the absorption of the trading knowledge is much easier. Thus, it makes your trading path clearer and no longer a game of luck.


Even the most experienced trader can misunderstand several terms sometimes so don’t underestimate the importance of the glossary.



Once you have the dictionary, theoretically, you can read analysis, news and other articles. But trust me, you are not ready yet. To truly understand the contents, you still need basic education. And there is no better place to get it than the e-books.


The e-books cover all necessary knowledge from basic to the most advanced ones. If the glossary is the material then the books must be the foundation of your trading knowledge, and a strong foundation is required for any wonders.


At the NSBroker e-books, 3 main topics dealing with corresponding financial markets are:


  • Binary Options
  • Stocks
  • Contract For Difference (CFD)


Each book contains lessons or chapters presenting the financial market from nature, how it operates, trading instruments and strategies. Here are the brief summaries of 3 topics:


Binary Options:


  • Lesson 1: The Basic of Binary Options Trading
  • Lesson 2: Steps in Trading Binary Options
  • Lesson 3: Tools for Trading and Market Analysis
  • Lesson 4: Advantages of Trading Binary Options
  • Lesson 5: Trading Binary Option Strategies


Stocks Trading:


  • Stocks: What are those?
  • Why Do Companies Sell Stocks?
  • Types of Stocks?
  • How do Stocks Really Trade?
  • The Changing of Stock Prices?
  • Buying Stocks
  • How Can You Do Research On Stocks?
  • The Farm, The Bulls and The Bears


CFD Trading:


  • Lesson 1: Understanding Contract For Differences
  • Lesson 2: Why Trade CFD
  • Lesson 3: Concept of Trading CFD
  • Lesson 4: Platforms of Trading (Where and How)

Finishing the whole content of the e-books, you will have the basic knowledge of trading, specific financial markets and its properties. You will also know about the tradable instruments, the platform where you make orders and how to analyse the market.


Video Lessons:


Reading may be a bit boring sometimes. That’s when you need video lessons which are more lively with commentary, pictures or animation.


Similar to the e-books, NSBroker divides their video courses into topics with sub lessons inside.


Market Analysis:


Before placing any positions, a trader needs to monitor the price movement, specifies the trend and looks for the entry point. This whole process is called a market analysis and it’s an indispensable step for trading anything.


This Market Analysis course teaches you to identify factors that drive the markets, how to evaluate and take advantage of these factors. The goal of the Market Analysis sector is that you can do both technical and fundamental analysis yourself or at least you can understand the articles about the market movements.

  • Economic Analysis
  • Trading news and events
  • Key economic data
  • Technical analysis
  • Support and resistance
  • Trends
  • Upward trends
  • Downward trends


Trading Psychology:


With market analysis, you know the market. But it’s not enough to guarantee your success; you need to know yourself at the same time. The emotion is the worst enemy of any traders and it never gets lost. However, you can still control it partially. Trading Psychology sector takes care of the emotional issues via the following lessons:


  • Fear of loss
  • Overcoming fear of loss
  • Greed
  • Overcoming greed
  • Position management
  • Solutions
  • Risk management
  • Money management solutions


As can be seen, each psychological problem comes with a counter solution. Your job is to know both of them before getting in the real action.


Trading Strategies:


Trading is like a long campaign including many battles in which each trader fights with one another and also the market. As a result, strategies are created as the key to win trades. 

Interestingly, there is not just one fixed strategy, instead, there are many different ones with many more variants.


What traders can learn are the patterns. After that, they have to modify them to fit their styles, capital and financial capabilities.


The video lessons of NSBroker cover these following strategies:


  • Day trading
  • News trading
  • Carry trading
  • Trend trading
  • Swing trading
  • Chart level trading
  • Classic chart pattern trading
  • Technical indicator trading


Platform Overview:


This course is simply a tutorial for using the trading platform with steps from choosing an asset, setting an expiry time, how to open a trade and other features. NSBroker develops an in house trading platform for binary options. It’s quite simple and easy to get familiar with but you can always look for guidance in this video lesson.


Crypto Trading:


NSBroker dedicates a specific video course for trading cryptocurrencies, a novel trading instrument. These coins have different origins and natures, their market also fluctuates in a distinguishing way, compared with the traditional trading assets.


On the other hand, since the crypto market is extremely dynamic and unregulated, many traps and scam are laid down waiting for incautious traders.


As such, the video course made for crypto trading can be helpful, even for the experienced traders. In this series, you can learn about:


  • Decentralisation and why it is important
  • A brief history of crypto
  • Bitcoin, the reserve currency of the internet
  • The trickle-down effect
  • Bitcoin challenger
  • Not all cryptocurrencies are created equal
  • To leverage or not to leverage?
  • How crypto pricing works
  • Crypto trading examples



Now, you have the knowledge but it’s just half of the journey. Success in the trading world also requires experience, which is built from both win and loss. And how to avoid as many losses as you can but at the same time, gain as much experience as possible? There is no better way than learning from experts, the predecessors.


Webinars led by those professional traders are the place where you get such valuable experience. With their help, your study will go in the right direction so you can shorten your learning time.


Another benefit of the webinar is its interaction. The same thing about both video lessons and e-books is that you have to study alone, all by yourself. But with the webinar, you can interact with the lecturer, ask them any questions and get the answer quickly.


Besides, there are contents in e-books or video lessons that you don’t understand. Don’t miss your chance to get the full explanation by the experts. They can present it more practically. With the base knowledge from e-books and video lessons, the interaction of the webinar will help you remember better and bring you many real market scenarios that the books can’t cover.


For example, you are developing your own strategy but it seems not to work properly all the time. Try asking for the help of the professional traders in the webinar course, their experience can help you to identify your strategy’s faults and how to fix them.


In addition, the topics of the webinar are very diverse. It can either be just an education guide, profitable opportunities introduction or trading strategies guide or market analysis. You can always track the upcoming webinar on the webinar calendar tab in the education center.


All of the educational programs contain a progress bar so that traders can always track their learning. Trading is a very long journey that takes years to fulfil, thus, you need to be patient and keep learning as much as you can. “Success comes to those who wait”. Additionally, don’t just use one single course, try combining them so that you will have a more comprehensive approach.



For a new trader, trading is a very complicated task and joining it without preparation is no different than suicide. Thus, education is a vital part before moving to the real market. 


At NSBroker education center, you have everything you need for trading and it’s all free as long as you are a broker’s client. This broker offers many approaches for all types of traders from all abilities and experience levels.


Their significant features are:


  • Over 150 terms and their definitions
  • E-books covering all basic contents and examples
  • Video lessons with lively illustrations and commentary
  • Online webinar led by trading experts


Take advantage of them to direct and make your trading path clearer, thus you can maximize your chance of success.

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