Founded in :  2005

Headquarters : Australia

Regulation : CySEC, ASIC





Platforms : MT4, MT5, IRESS, and WebTrader

Leverage : 1:500

Minimum Deposit : 100$




​Who is FP Markets?

FP Markets is an Australian-based Forex broker that was established in 2005, with over fourteen years of experience in the financial market. FP Markets has expanded and grown to become one of the largest and most popular online Forex broker. They have been rewarded various awards from the trading industry because of their outstanding customer service, educational resources, and trading operations. The trading service provider has a stellar customer service support, with a service that speaks several languages and a very accommodating staff that makes it their priority to satisfy the client’s needs.

FP Markets offers traders over 13,000 trading instruments that are available to customers with all fields of experience. They also provide traders with a wide range of assets to execute on, such as: crypto-assets, indices, currencies, stocks, and commodities; there are no limitations to the assets and allow all clients to trade with whatever tools suit their needs. With currencies, FP Markets offers trading in more than 50 Forex currency pairs; while in commodities, they provide gold, silver, and WTI Crude Oil. Traders with this trading service provider can trade with 11 major indices on a global level, and five different cryptocurrencies.

FP Markets are based in Sydney,. but the regulation procedures are able to allow clients to put their trust in FP Markets and their financial services, along with its safe financial environment. They have managed to develop high quality ECN pricing technology that allows customer’s access to liquidity providers without external intervention through the software of Equinix NY4 Data Centers.

Licenses and Regulations

FP Markets is a very safe brokerage firm to trade with, since it is a renowned Australian firm that strictly abides by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) registration license; they operate under the Australian Financial Services License number of 286354. The regulatory licenses that follow the company are the true testament of client-firm transparency, because this means that the clients’ funds are put into segregated accounts away from company funds. These funds are separated from the corporate accounts as to not mix up any financial services.

With the ASIC, the Australian financial watchdog, FP Markets is constantly monitored and evaluated on their performances. The regulations emphasize on the importance of client confidentiality and the protection of the trader’s funds. The deposits of all traders are safely stored in the Commonwealth Bank, one of the largest of four banks in all of Australia. Along with the segregated bank accounts and the constant monitoring of performance, the ASIC functions as a third party, if the trader faces any issues with the broker.

FP Markets also doubles up on the regulations, by being regulated by the CySEC, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. They are under the license number of the CySEC registration is: 37118.

What are its Trading Platforms?

One of the many benefits of FP Markets is the myriad choices of the trading platforms; the choices are between MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, and IRESS trading platform. There is also the MAM and PAMM account for money managers. The MT4 and the MT5 trading platforms are common and popular among traders, they have a unique feature through detailed insights and they are considered one of the best trading platforms in the industry. These trading platforms also have the option of one click trading, algorithmic rules, indicators, and allowing traders to take part in the active community. The MT5 trading platform has an element of extended indicators and graphic models through pending orders and displayed currency market depth.

As for the IRESS trading platform, FP Markets utilize this world-class platform that enables access for global equities, indices, and future CFDs. It also offers trading possibilities with accommodating trading and transparent pricing from market depth. The IRESS platform has the ability to enhance automated order options and complicated order types. With FP Markets, they compensate clients with their VPS purchase, where the clients can sign up to a VPS provider and have the cash payment returned to their trading account with a maximum reimbursement of fifty dollars per month.

They also offer WebTrader as a trading platform, with the ability to trade through it. FP Markets’ trading platform offers a wide array of languages from Dutch to Arabic.

FP Markets

One of the many benefits of FP Markets is the myriad choices of the trading platforms; the choices are between MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, and IRESS trading platform. There is also the MAM and PAMM account for money managers.

Trading Accounts

With FP Markets, there are several types of trading accounts that are all available for traders with all kinds of levels of experience. The trading fees for FP Markets are generally low, depending on the trading account that traders choose to open.

Stock Trading Accounts

The first trading account for stock trading is the Standard Account with a minimum deposit amount of 100USD, and the spread begins at 1.0 pip. The second trading account for stock trading would be the ECN RAW Account with a minimum deposit amount of 100USD, with a starting spread of 0.0 pips. However, there is a commission charged for every trader at 3.5USD for every 100,000 lots. Stock trading accounts are provided in the MT4 and the MT5 trading platform, while the Share trading accounts are provided in the IRESS trading platform.

Share Trading Accounts

As for the Share Trading Accounts, there are four types of trading accounts. In order to access FP Markets on the IRESS trading platform, there is an access fee of 55USDD every month, with an extra twenty-two dollars for the Australian Exchange (ASX) market analysis and data. The extra fee can be waived if there is a 200USD commission already established by the trader using the platform. The first trading account for Shares would be the Standard Account, where commissions begin from 0.11% and a minimum access fee of approximately fifteen dollars is necessary. The second trading account for Shares would be the Non-Leverage CFD trading account, with no minimum access fee is necessary and the starting commission is at 0.08%.

CFD Trading Accounts

For CFD trading accounts, FP Markets provide three types of live accounts with the IRESS trading platform. The first CFD trading account is the Professional account with a minimum balance for opening the account of 1,000USD and the minimum fee for brokers is 10USD, along with the IRESS trading platform fee of 55USD that is charged per month. The monthly fee can be waived if the trader manages to establish 150USD in commission on a monthly basis.

The second trading account available for CFD is the Platinum Account with a minimum balance for opening the account of 25,000USD. The IRESS platform fee also charges 55USD on a monthly basis, but can be waived with the same conditions as the Professional Account. With the Platinum Account, the minimum fee for the broker is nine dollars. The third CFD trading account is the Premier Account with a minimum balance for opening the account of 50,000USD, and there are no platform fees and no minimum charges for the broker.

Other Types of Accounts

As an added benefit to the types of trading accounts of FP Markets, Islamic Accounts are possible, which is available when it is requested. The trader must open an MT4 or an MT5 account and then reach out the customer support with the demand for an Islamic Account. With this specific account type, swap charges are unavailable. Another additional trading account is the Demo Account, which is free and accessible for all traders, even potential traders with FP Markets. The Demo Account includes with 50,000USD virtual funds to be used to try out trading strategies and trading sessions with real-time action.


When it comes to trading leverage, the Australian brokerage firm abides by the ASIC regulations and offers a maximum leverage level up to 1:500 on Forex trading instruments. However, despite the benefits of having a high maximum leverage level, traders have the option of major financial risk.

The maximum leverage level allows Australian clients to trade with a large leverage, an option that most Forex brokers do not provide. With a 1:500 maximum leverage level, FP Markets are extra cautious for their traders and monitor every large trading decision to ensure as much protection as possible, and to minimize as much financial risk as possible.

What are its Deposits and Withdrawals?

Traders, who are ready to open an account with FP Markets, should know the payment methods that allow funds to be processed into their accounts. There are some methods of payments that consist of fees, while there are other payments that are completely free. With FP Markets, there are ten currencies that are available for trading, giving customers the option to transfer funds freely and without subversion to currency conversions.

There are a few methods of payment, such as: domestic and international bank wire transfer, electronic wallets, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, PoliPal, BPay, FasaPay, PayTrust88, Ngan Luong, Online Pay, Broker-to-Broker, and by creditdebit cards (VISA and MasterCard). When funds are being transferred with FP Markets, there is a fee that needs to be paid and it is not waived by the financial technology company. The only exception is that Credit Cards are used to fund trading accounts for the IRESS platform.

FP Markets allow traders the option to perform a transfer from other brokers, transferring funds between accounts. The withdrawal fees are different, ranging from one option to another. There are some that are free of charge, while others require a small fee, depending on the transaction. FP Markets have a minimum deposit amount that is defined by the trading account that the client choose to keep their funds. The Standard Account requires a one hundred dollar minimum deposit amount, while the ECN Account requires a one-hundred dollar minimum deposit.

Educational Materials and Resources

There are various forms of educational materials when it comes to FP Markets. The first form of educational resources to teach traders on how to use FP Markets is through their Demo Account. It gives traders the ability to learn the trading structure of the broker and how to use it without wasting any funds or being exposed to financial risks. The second form of educational resources to educate traders is through their extensive educational library. They provide clients with platform tutorial videos, a thorough how-to guide to properly use their trading platforms.

FP Markets also offers high quality e-books on how to trade, in general. It is very important for the trading service provider for their traders to be educated and understand the way the trading industry works; education is very important. The final form is through general educational videos for traders. If the e-books are inadequate for the traders, and if they do not prefer their information to be transferred through words, videos are available. FP Markets make it a priority for all forms of educational resources to be available for their traders.