Founded in :  2017

Headquarters : Johannesburg

Regulation : FSP under license no 50130





Platforms : MT4, Social\Copy Trade

Leverage : up to 1:500

Minimum Deposit : USD$25




Globex360 is an online financial services provider that is relatively new in the financial industry. However, despite their lack of longevity in the industry, they have managed to become one of the leading online brokerage firms with clients all over the world.

Who is Globex360?

Globex360 is an online trading provider that was founded in 2017, with a primary focus on the continent of Africa. Throughout the span of two years, it has become one of the leading online brokerage firms that has clients all over the world. Globex360 has a global presence in various geographical areas that allows them to offer their clients with quality service and technical support at any time they choose to trade. They have financial partners that are accessed in South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Nigeria, Chile, and Australia; they also registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission in South Africa.

Globex360 provides a wide array of trading instruments such as Forex, Indices, Precious Metals and Energy, and Crypto-currencies. They have very strong commitments to the best quality of software and quality assurance to make sure that traders receive top-notch and transparent experience in trading. They have been given the authorization to offer financial services to traders all around the world, except for US, Canadian, and Belgian citizens, keeping up with the jurisdiction of every authority that is in every country they partner with.

With Globex360, their main priority is to educate and ensure traders make the best trading decisions through their provision of different trading programs and providing them with the best trading conditions the financial market can offer. They are available for Forex trading 24 hours a day, five days a week; the only exception is that CFDs have certain trading hours that are enlisted on their website.

Since Globex360 is an online trading provider, they do not have a dealing desk, being a purely STP broker. All of their procedures are automated, but this is beneficial for traders, since there are no conflicts of interest with the fact that all of the requests are approved with liquidity providers. This Globex360 review emphasizes on the unique aspects and features of this online trading and financial services provider. 

Licenses and Registrations: Is Globex360 Safe or a Scam?

Globex360 (PTY)LTD is an authorized FSP under license no 50130 Globex360 is a brand Name of GLOBEX Wealth GROUP LTD, registered under the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa. Globex360 is registered and regulated by the financial body in South Africa, which is one of the most prominent areas for financial and monetary regulations. 

For the sake of protection, Globex360 keeps client funds in segregated accounts to keep from merging the funds of clients to those of the corporation. The segregated accounts shows the high level of transparency and concern of the company towards the client’s funds and personal information. 

Globex360 is In compliance with The Financial  Intelligence and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2002 (FIAMLA 2002), the Prevention of Corruption Act 2002 (POCA 2002) and the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2002 (POTA 2002). These acts are to avoid any illegal and unlawful activity that could occur within the company, ensuring that the clients are safe from being exposed from the aforementioned criminal acts. 

What are the Trading Platforms of Globex360?

There are three trading platforms for Globex360 and their traders; these trading platforms are: MT4 Desktop Terminal, MT4 Mobile, and Social\Copy Trade. The three aforementioned trading platforms are all catered to the needs of the trader and whichever options they prefer when they trade. 

MT4 Desktop

The MT4 Desktop Terminal is one of the most popular and well-known trading platforms across the world with many user-friendly features. MT4 consists of automated monitoring, advanced trading charts, and live technical analysis. It has a very simple structure that is considered easy-to-use, for both novice and experienced traders. The design of the trading platform and its accurate analytical instruments are one of the many reasons for its popularity for brokers and traders alike. With MT4 Desktop, the decisions lie with the trader who can pick and choose all of the options that facilitate their trading decisions and strategies. With Globex360 and MT4 Desktop, there is accuracy and transparency for trading decisions, and trading strategies that can be easily monitored. 

MT4 Mobile

The second trading platform provided by Globex360 would be the MT4 Mobile, which is the same trading platform as MT4 Desktop, but it has the option of being accessed through a mobile device. Many traders prefer the MT4 Mobile, because clients can trade at anytime and anywhere during the day. MT4 Mobile are available for versions of Android and Apple iOS devices to be able to trade in the financial markets. 

MT4 trading platforms on Mobile are able to access the same features as the Desktop versions, which include the full support for the trading functions, broad analytical capabilities with technical indicators and other graphical objects; these features of the Globex360 MT4 Mobile are aspects available from anywhere across the globe twenty-four hours a day. The MT4 Mobile application is a trading platform that is supported by Android-powered and iOS-powered mobile devices. The application gives traders the option to select from hundreds of brokers and thousands of servers. It provides everything the trader might need for successful FX trading, such as:  a complete set of orders, trading history, interactive charts, technical analysis and the widest selection of supported mobile devices.

Social\Copy Trade

The third and final trading platform offered by Globex360 would be the Social\Copy Trade. The broker believes in giving the best available Trading Technology to their traders, through the Social\Copy Trade Platform and not only copy trades from clients around the world. They also join the social trading network by tracking traders until they are certain of their performance. During the stage of copy trading, the clients will not have any access to other trading accounts. As a copy trader, they have full control of who copies, how much of the account is utilized to copy, and when to stop copying any of the articulately selected selected traders on our Social\Copy Trade platform. 

Trading Accounts

With Globex360, there are three types of trading accounts that are provided to the client base, according to their preference. The three trading accounts are defined as follows: Basic Account, Standard Account, and Professional Account. 

Basic Account

The first trading account is the Basic Account with an instant execution type and free account management. The maximum leverage level is 1:100 and a minimum spread starting from 2.0, and there is a commission that is charged 12USD per lot. The available trading instruments on the Basic Account are Forex, Commodities, and Indices, with the MT4 trading platform. The maximum order size is ten lots and there is a guaranteed stop loss orders, which is reasonable for traders with the Basic Account. The minimum initial deposit is one-hundred dollars. The drawbacks of the Basic Account is that traders with the account will not have access to the knowledge base of Globex360, and they won’t be able to have the option of automated trading. 

Standard Account

The second account that Globex360 broker provides is the Standard Account, which is similar to that of the Basic Account, but there are some improvements. The execution type is the market execution, with free account management and automated trading. The maximum leverage level for the Standard Account is 1:200, and they provide minimum spreads from 1.6.The commission earned for each lot is 10USD and the maximum order size is twenty lots. The Standard Account offers Forex, Commodities, Indices as instruments for trading, with the MT4 trading platform available for the trader’s convenience. The minimum initial deposit is one-hundred dollars and they have access to the educational materials, as a Globex360 trader with a Standard Account. The only drawback to the Standard Account is that there is no personal account manager. 

Professional\VIP Account

The final and most beneficial trading account would be that of the Professional or VIP Account, with all of its features. The account performs market executions, and has free account management. The maximum leverage level is 1:400, since the maximum order size is fifty lots. The account also holds the minimum spread lot starting from 1.2, with a commission of eight dollars charged per lot. Similar to that of the Standard Account, Forex, Commodities, Indices are trading instruments available for trading, and it includes automated trading. Unlike the other two different trading accounts, there is the option for a personal account manager and the minimum initial deposit would be five-thousand dollars.  

With Globex360, there are three types of trading accounts that are provided to the client base, according to their preference. The three trading accounts are defined as follows: Basic Account, Standard Account, and Professional Account.

What is the Leverage of Globex360?

Leverage is a loan given from the broker to the trader, allowing trading to occur with a larger size than the initial capital. The leverage fluctuates, when it increases then the potential gains, but if leverage decreases then the potential loses.With Globex360, the minimum leverage level is 1:100, which is available for all basic accounts, while the maximum leverage level is 1:400. For account holders of the Basic Account, the maximum leverage level is 1:100; while with account holders of the Standard Account, the maximum leverage level is 1:200. The final and most fruitful trading account, that of the VIP or Professional Account, is 1:400. 

There is a Globex360 recognition to different account structures, where the account types defines the maximum leverage level. 

The broker provides floating spreads for all different account types such as: Basic, Standard, and the VIP Account. The Classic Account provides variable spreads that commences from 1.6 pips with no commissions, while both Standard and VIP Accounts provide variable spreads, from 0.0 pips with low commissions. 

Traders are warned that the maximum leverage level could lead to major financial risk, which is why clients need to be very careful and trade responsibly. 

Trading Fees and Conditions

With Globex360, there is a minimum and a maximum trade size; the minimum trade size is 0.01 lot and the maximum trade size is 50 lots. There is a maximum amount of orders for traders that can be opened on their MT4 trading account, which is fifty orders. Their execution speed for order is, on average, approximately two-hundred milliseconds; this is considered to be very fast and efficient to benefit traders. 

Globex360 have a 100/30 percent margin call\stop level, but the trader’s account may be exposed to a margin call if the trading account’s equity lies in a level that is equal to the margin of the trader’s existing position. Another feature and trading condition that Globex360 provides is hedging and scalping. The required margin for hedging positions on the three accounts is zero, and there are no time limitations for keeping the positions open for traders. 

With Globex360, there is a possibility for traders to face a negative balance if they use the maximum leverage level that is available. A negative balance could also occur if there is a slippage, due to a period of high volatility. The broker has a risk department is constantly and consistently track their clients’ progress when it comes to risk-taking decisions and strategies. This allows Globex360 to monitor and see if a trader is making irresponsible trading decisions, then the broker will notify the trader through an email with the contents of asking them to reduce their risk exposure. The broker may also reduce the maximum leverage level on the client’s trading account, to ensure that they are trading responsibly and not exposing themselves to major financial risk. 

With Globex360, negative balance protection is not guaranteed by the broker. The general practice of negative balance protection is based on a case-to-case review. 

What are Globex360’s Methods of Deposits and Withdrawals?

With Globex360, traders have the option to withdraw and make a deposit through their Client Area by utilizing any funding option that traders prefer. In order for traders to be able to withdraw funds from their trading account, they must log into their Client Area and fill in the available form to make a withdrawal request. On the plus side, there are no withdrawal fees for traders and their withdrawal requests normally process in the span of one working day, depending on the payment method. Funds reach the trader’s bank account can vary from the bank’s policy; this means that withdrawals from banks can take up to 3-7 working days. Credit Card and Debit Card withdrawals can take longer, up to eight business days. 

The Globex360 minimum deposit for all trading account types is twenty-five dollars. However, the VIP Account has a specific condition, where the trader must reach a monetary minimum balance of fifty thousand dollars. With Globex360, it is possible for traders to withdraw funds through a different payment method from that used for depositing. The funds will be withdrawn and deposited through the same method of payment, but Globex360 gives traders the option to transfer funds to a different mode of payment, as long as it is under the same name and personal information. 

There are several methods of payment, for depositing and withdrawing funds. These methods include: PayFast, BitCoin, Debit and Credit Cards. Globex360 accepts several different currencies such as: USD, EUR, and MMK. The deposits and withdrawals are free of charge, but a transfer fee could be charged by the bank and not by the broker. Globex360 will also not cover conversion fees, if the trader deposits or withdraws funds that are a different currency than that of the trading account. 


There are several methods of payment, for depositing and withdrawing funds. These methods include: PayFast, BitCoin, Debit and Credit Cards. Globex360 accepts several different currencies such as: USD, EUR, and MMK.

Educational Resources

With Globex360, they have the priority to allow traders to make smart and decisive trading plans. This is why they provide various educational programs and materials, such as webinars and seminars; there were developed to educate trading skills and understand the financial opportunities that traders have within Forex markets and other financial markets in the industry. In addition, Globex360 issues educational materials and publications in various languages, which are disseminated to traders on a global level. Traders will also be able to find a huge selection of analytical tools to help traders better track through financial markets. 

With each country, Globex360 cooperates and deals with different business schools that are able to offer professional educational courses and seminars to the traders in the client base of Globex360. 

There is also a knowledge base  that is offered to traders through the website, for the trader’s convenience. The knowledge base is an extensive guide on trading and all of the features that make up a trading decision. Many traders use this guide to be able to understand the inner-workings of the trading industry, and everything they need to know about it. This is particularly helpful for novice traders who have yet to fully understand the way trading works. 

Examples of the knowledge base would be questions such as: “What is spread?” ; “What is Currency Pair?” ; and “What is the margin level and how does it affect your trading?” As a trader, it’s essential for this information to be understood and implemented throughout trading decisions of any kind.

What are Globex360’s Additional Features?

Globex360 is not only distinguished in its structure, but in its add-ons that make a difference with traders of all experience. The additional features are helpful to traders since it gives them a more in-depth understanding of the trading industry. Globex360 contain bonus aspects such as: calculators, economic calendars, multi-account managers, and its mobile application. The mobile application of Globex360 is providing different features such as: overview of all accounts with balances, account types, trade history, Mobile Deposits, and performance Analytics. The mobile application also has the option of reaching out to advanced referrals via social media and other types of messaging devices. 

Another additional feature on Globex360 is the calculators that are available on the website. The two calculators that are available are: the position size calculator, and the currency convertor. These calculators will be able to give traders the information they need from one medium, without searching for it in more than one place. 

The final feature in Globex360 that makes it stand out is its accurate and articulate economic calendar. The economic calendar defines the actual real-time events, the forecast of the economic events, and the prior circumstances that previously took place.