Google and its parent corporation stated that there was an increase of revenue worth 20% as the technology giant bragged over its “strong growth” in its most recent financial outcomes, despite the financial downfall that has taken place in the past few years.

Google in 2019

Alphabet claimed that profits for the previous quarter was 40.5 billion dollars (£31.5 billion), up from 33.7 billion dollars (£26.2 billion) this time last year, in 2018. This is a huge uproot to the financial circumstances of last year and shows that there may be improvement for the next fiscal year.

As usual, the Google arm of Alphabet produced the immense majority of the company’s revenue and profit – including 33.9 billion dollars (£26.4 billion) in advertising and promotion income.

However, net revenue has decreased significantly in comparison to the same quarter in the previous year – from 9.2 billion (£7.1 billion) to just over seven billion dollars (£5.4 billion) and contradicting with that of analyst prospect.

“I am extremely pleased with the progress we made across the board in the third quarter, from our recent advancements in search and quantum computing to our strong revenue growth driven by mobile search, YouTube and Cloud,” Google CEO and senior executive, Sundar Pichai stated.

“We’re focused on providing the most helpful services to our users and partners, and we see many opportunities ahead.”

In the financial results, it also states that Other Bets, the segment of Alphabet consisted of the corporation’s more eccentric and outstanding projects. These projects include a self-driving car firm Waymo, which witnessed a rapid decrease and major financial losses that increase to 941 million dollars (£732 million).

The aforementioned decrease is now up from 727 million (£565 million) this time last year.

Alphabet Chief Financial Officer, Ruth Porat stated the company would “continue to invest thoughtfully in talent and infrastructure to support our growth, particularly in newer areas like Cloud and machine learning”.

Google also lately modernized its main hardware product line, releasing its latest “Pixel 4 smart-phones” and “Nest Mini smart speaker.”

In Conclusion

To summarize the matter, Google has managed to see an improvement in the last fiscal quarter, since they have suffered along with other business conglomerates, the consequences of the global financial crisis that has been revolving in the past few years.

Despite the expected downfall, the business conglomerate has managed to pick up the pieces and leap forward with a positive outlook to the future. Google even managed to increase their production line of hardware, with the development of the new smart-phone and smart speaker, to the markets.