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1000pipbuilder vs Learn2Trade: A Comprehensive Comparison for Traders

The foreign exchange market (Forex) offers profit-making opportunities for traders of all levels of experience. Navigating…

1000pipbuilder vs Learn2Trade
13 Nov 2023
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The foreign exchange market (Forex) offers profit-making opportunities for traders of all levels of experience. Navigating this complex landscape to maximize returns requires expertise and precise timing. Reliable trading signal providers, such as 1000pipBuilder and Learn2Trade, are increasingly viewed as vital resources in this space, offering analysis, signals, and guidance to help traders make informed decisions.

1000pipBuilder is an established Forex signals provider that boasts exceptional success rates and high-performing, independently verified signals. Meanwhile, Learn2Trade has also garnered favourable reviews for its transparent approach, focusing on strategies to trade various financial markets. As both platforms compete to be your go-to resource for Forex signals, comparing their offerings will provide you with crucial insights to help you decide which service aligns with your needs.

Key Takeaways

Comparative Analysis of 1000pipbuilder and Learn2Trade

As a trader looking to maximise your profits in the forex market, you may have come across popular trading signal providers such as 1000pip Builder and Learn2Trade. This section will provide a confident, knowledgeable, and clear comparison of their services.

1000pip Builder is a professional forex trading service that focuses on providing quality forex signals to assist traders in maximising their returns. The platform is easy to use, catering to both novice and experienced traders. Bob James, the brain behind 1000pip Builder, utilises a combination of technical and fundamental analysis to generate high-probability signals, ensuring optimal trade performance.

The service boasts a real-life track record of success, with customers reporting a profit using their signals. Users can expect to receive up to 3 forex signals per day, with timely email and SMS alerts containing trade information like entry prices, stop loss, and take profit targets.

On the other hand, Learn2Trade is geared towards teaching traders the ropes of forex and cryptocurrency trading. The service provides up to 5 accurate and profitable signals per day, from forex to crypto markets, aimed at generating consistent results. The platform offers daily technical analysis and trading tips, accompanied by a community of over 70,000 active traders and real-time alerts via Telegram.

In terms of trading strategies, both 1000pip Builder and Learn2Trade use their experience and various forms of analysis to ensure that their subscribers receive quality signals. These signals contain the necessary trade information such as entry and exit positions, stop-loss levels, and take-profit targets. This allows you, as the trader, to follow structured trading methods to yield optimal results.

When it comes to performance, both services claim to deliver significant profits to their users through quality signals. However, it would be wise to perform due diligence with any service claiming substantial returns. Additionally, consider factors such as personal risk tolerance, trading capital, and the risk associated with leveraged products.

In summary, while both 1000pip Builder and Learn2Trade offer forex signal services and actionable trade information, their core focus differs slightly. 1000pip Builder zeroes in on forex trading, providing high-probability signals for users to capitalise on. Alternatively, Learn2Trade takes a more educational approach, catering to both forex and cryptocurrency markets, with a strong emphasis on learning and community involvement. It is up to you to determine which service best aligns with your personal trading goals.

Services and Features

Signal Service

When it comes to signal services, both 1000pip Builder and Learn2Trade offer reliable forex signal solutions for traders. Led by professional trader Bob James, 1000pip Builder provides you with 1-5 premium signals per day, covering the European, US, and Asian trading sessions. These signals are known for their accuracy and are sent via Telegram or SMS.

On the other hand, Learn2Trade offers a similar service, providing real-time, accurate forex signals via their platform. Their signals encompass a wide range of trading strategies and are sent to your device through a Telegram channel.

Membership and Cost

Choosing between the membership plans offered by 1000pip Builder and Learn2Trade depends on your specific needs as a trader. 1000pip Builder offers various subscription options, with their plans ranging from monthly to yearly memberships. They provide a transparent pricing structure, allowing you to choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Learn2Trade, in contrast, offers free forex signals for those who want to test their service before committing to a premium plan. If you decide to go premium, they have various plans to suit different budgets. Learn2Trade also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind.

Trading Tools and Trading Strategies

Both 1000pip Builder and Learn2Trade provide trading tools and strategies to help you make informed decisions. 1000pip Builder utilises the experience and knowledge of experts like Bob James to create their signals. They focus not only on providing accurate signals but also on educating their members about the trading process. They offer guidance on technical analysis, trend trading, and risk management, alongside support from their professional team.

Similarly, Learn2Trade uses a combination of technical and fundamental analysis to generate their forex signals. They cover various trading strategies, such as trend trading and market analysis, making their platform suitable for both beginner and experienced traders.

In conclusion, when comparing 1000pip Builder and Learn2Trade, the signal service, membership costs, and tools and strategies that both providers offer are all essential elements to consider. Assess your needs and preferences as a forex trader to make the most informed decision about which provider is right for you.

Pros and Cons of Each Platform


1000pip Builder is a platform that offers a signal service for the forex market. The creator Bob James uses a combination of technical and fundamental analysis to generate his signals. Here are the main pros and cons for this provider:


  • Reliability: With a monthly rate of 350 pips and signals generated by experienced analyst Bob James, 1000pip Builder has a track record of providing profitable signals.
  • Verified Results: MyFXBook tracking verification adds credibility to the platform’s stated performance.
  • Risk Management: TP and SL levels are provided, allowing you to manage risks effectively.
  • Suitable for Novices: 1000pip Builder’s easy-to-use platform is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.
  • Customer Service: They have a high level of customer satisfaction and offer responsive customer service.


  • Cost: The cost to access this platform’s offerings varies widely, which might not suit all budgets.
  • Limited Signals: Two to seven signals a day may be insufficient for some more active traders.
  • currency pairs: Signals cover specific currency pairs, potentially limiting your trading opportunities.


Learn2Trade is an established forex signal provider offering top-quality trading signals. They have a win rate of 76%, and premium members receive five trading suggestions per day. These signals are sent in real-time via the Learn2Trade Telegram channel, which has over 40,000 members. Now let’s see the pros and cons of this provider:


  • High Win Rate: A 76% win rate provides confidence in the signals provided.
  • Trading Suggestions: Premium members receive five daily trading suggestions, potentially offering more trading opportunities.
  • Real-Time Signals: Signals are sent via a Telegram channel, ensuring fast delivery and the ability to act quickly on the market.
  • Risk Management: Learn2Trade provides TP and SL levels, enabling you to manage your risks effectively.
  • Customer Service: They offer efficient customer support and have a large community of satisfied users.


  • Email Notifications: They do not provide email notifications, which might be an inconvenience for some users.
  • Cost: Learn2Trade has a subscription-based pricing plan that might not be suitable for everyone’s budget.
  • Language: Signals are only provided in English, which may be an issue for non-English speaking traders.

Final Verdict and Recommendations

When it comes to choosing between 1000pip Builder and Learn2.trade, you will want to carefully assess your individual needs and trading goals. As a forex trader looking for guidance and reliable signal providers, both services could potentially fulfil your needs.

With 1000pip Builder, you have the opportunity to follow Bob’s trades and receive his detailed analysis. This platform offers an easy-to-use service that caters to both beginner and experienced traders. Furthermore, 1000pip Builder boasts a track record of providing high-quality signals, utilising both technical and fundamental analyses.

On the other hand, Learn2.trade appears to be a popular choice for many traders. However, some users have reported dissatisfaction with their signals service, even mentioning cases of lost money. Unfavourable user experiences and potential usability issues might urge you to be cautious when considering Learn2.trade.

For those who are still unsure, a trial period could be a great way to determine which service suits your needs best. Before diving in, make sure to research their respective performance records on platforms like Myfxbook, which provides transparency and insight into the effectiveness of different forex signal providers.

It’s also crucial to choose a regulatory-compliant broker that aligns with your trading preferences. You should consider factors such as trading conditions, fees, and customer support when selecting a suitable forex broker. By doing this, you can ensure a smoother trading experience and make the most out of the signals provided by your chosen service.

In conclusion, while both 1000pip Builder and Learn2.trade offer promising tools and resources for forex trading, your decision ultimately depends on the level of guidance, insight, and track record you seek. As you weigh the pros and cons, remember to prioritize what suits your trading strategy, skill level, and personal preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the success rates of 1000pip Builder and Learn2Trade?

1000pip Builder is known for its exceptional success rates, making it a popular choice for forex traders. However, Learn2Trade also has a solid reputation in the forex signal industry. It’s important to consider individual results as success rates may vary depending on your trading style, risk tolerance, and level of experience.

Are both 1000pip Builder and Learn2Trade legit?

Yes, both 1000pip Builder and Learn2Trade are legitimate forex signal providers. 1000pip Builder is based in London and founded by Bob James, an expert trader. Learn2Trade is also a trusted platform with a strong track record in the industry. It’s highly recommended to check user reviews and testimonials to learn about their respective performances and results.

How do 1000pip Builder and Learn2Trade compare in terms of win rates?

Comparing 1000pip Builder and Learn2Trade solely on win rates is not the most optimal way to determine which service is better for you. Win rates might fluctuate over time and depend on various factors such as market conditions and trading strategies. Instead, focus on their overall performance, reliability, and ease of use to make a more informed decision.

Which service provides better daily Forex signals?

Both 1000pip Builder and Learn2Trade provide daily forex signals to their subscribers. 1000pip Builder offers 3-4 forex trading signals per day, while Learn2Trade’s signal frequency might vary. Assess both services based on the quality of their signals, the strategies they use, and the level of support they provide.

What are the best free Forex signal apps?

There are several free Forex signal apps available on the market. However, the quality of these free services may not be as consistent or reliable as paid services like 1000pip Builder and Learn2Trade. It’s crucial to do thorough research and compare the features of different free apps before using them for your trading needs.

Who offers the top gold trading signals?

Several forex signal providers offer gold trading signals. Both 1000pip Builder and Learn2Trade cover commodities, which may include gold signals. To find the top gold trading signals, consider factors such as signal accuracy, trading strategies, and provider reputation. You can also check user reviews and testimonials to gain insights into the quality of gold trading signals provided by different platforms.

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