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Investments Global Main Features
फ़ीचर शीर्षकविशेषता मूल्य
🗺️ स्थापना वर्ष2018
🏢 मुख्यालयMarshall Islands
⚖️ टियर-3 लाइसेंसहाँ
न्यूनतम प्रारंभिक जमा$100
डेमो ट्रेडिंगहाँ
उत्तोलन (ईयू ग्राहक)1 : 500
उत्तोलन(गैर-ईयू-ग्राहक)1 : 500
औसत स्प्रेड EURUSD2.0 पिप्स
💰 निकासी शुल्कनहीं
निकासी का समयWithin 2 business days
💰 निष्क्रियता शुल्कनहीं

Investments Global: Unveiling the Power of Global Trading Opportunities

Investments Global is an established online forex and CFD broker with a history dating back to 2002. Headquartered in the UK, the broker’s primary focus is to empower traders by providing them with access to hundreds of opportunities in the global market. With a diverse range of over 1,200 tradable assets across forex, commodities, metals, shares, and cryptocurrencies, Investments Global offers a comprehensive trading experience for both experienced and novice traders.

हमें ब्रोकर के बारे में क्या पसंद आया?

Investments Global stands out in the industry with several key advantages. First and foremost, the broker offers a proprietary trading platform that provides an exceptional trading experience. With a user-friendly interface and powerful analytical tools, the platform caters to the needs of traders at all levels of expertise. Additionally, Investments Global boasts a broad product portfolio, featuring over 500 CFDs across various asset classes.

This wide selection ensures that traders have ample opportunities to explore different markets and instruments. Moreover, the broker offers competitive leverage of up to 1:400, allowing traders to amplify their potential returns. Lastly, Investments Global excels in fast NDD (No Dealing Desk) order execution, ensuring efficient and timely trade execution.

खाता प्रकार और मूल्य निर्धारण

Investments Global offers five distinct trading accounts, each tailored to meet the specific needs of traders. These accounts are:

  1. आरंभक खाता:
    • Competitive pricing from 1.6 pips
    • 1:100 तक का लाभ उठाएं
    • Real-time trading opportunities
    • Access to eBooks and video lessons
    • Over 200 tradable assets
  2. Classic Account:
    • Competitive pricing from 1.5 pips
    • 1:200 तक का लाभ उठाएं
    • Dedicated account manager
    • मासिक वेबिनार
    • Prioritized withdrawal level three
  3. मानक खाता:
    • Spreads from 0.5 pips
    • 1:300 तक का लाभ उठाएं
    • In-depth market analysis
    • साप्ताहिक वेबिनार
    • Prioritized withdrawal level two
  4. व्यावसायिक खाता:
    • Spreads from 0.0 pips
    • 1:400 तक का लाभ उठाएं
    • On-demand education
    • Daily webinars
    • Prioritized withdrawal level one
  5. वीआईपी खाता:
    • Minimum deposit of $250,000
    • Personal Banker
    • EU Private Bank Account
    • तकनीकी संकेतक
    • Economic News
    • तकनीकी विश्लेषण
    • निश्चित मूल्य निर्धारण

ट्रेडिंग प्लेटफार्म

Unlike many other brokers, Investments Global has developed its own proprietary web-based trading platform. This platform offers outstanding trading possibilities and advanced technical tools, making it an attractive choice for traders. The platform is accessible via web browsers on both mobile and desktop devices, ensuring convenience and flexibility in trading activities.

ग्राहक सहायता एवं शिक्षा

Investments Global places great emphasis on providing excellent customer support. Traders can reach out to the broker’s customer support team through various channels, including live chat, email support, and phone support. The highly trained support team is responsive and knowledgeable, catering to the diverse needs of traders.

The broker also recognizes the importance of client education. Once the minimum deposit requirement is met, clients gain access to the company’s comprehensive education center and resources. These educational materials cover a wide range of topics, including trading techniques, strategies, and market analysis. By equipping traders with the necessary knowledge and skills, Investments Global empowers them to make informed trading decisions.

Investments Global vs. Competitors

When comparing Investments Global to its competitors, several factors set it apart. The broker’s proprietary trading platform is a standout feature, providing a unique and intuitive trading experience. Additionally, Investments Global offers a broader product portfolio with over 500 tradable CFDs, giving traders more options to diversify their investments. The competitive leverage of up to 1:400 is another advantage, enabling traders to optimize their trading potential.

Furthermore, Investments Global’s commitment to fast NDD order execution ensures timely and efficient trade execution. While there may be areas for improvement, such as high CFD fees and a relatively high minimum deposit requirement, the broker’s overall strengths make it a compelling choice for traders.


Investments Global is a reputable online broker that has been serving traders since 2002. With its diverse range of trading accounts, comprehensive product portfolio, and proprietary trading platform, the broker offers a compelling trading experience.

While there are certain areas where improvements can be made, Investments Global’s commitment to empowering traders, combined with its dedication to customer support and education, positions it as a legitimate and competitive broker in the market.

सामान्य प्रश्नएस

Is Investments Global regulated?

Investments Global is regulated by SVGFSA in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. While it does not hold major licenses from top-tier regulators like the FCA, ASIC, or CySEC, the broker adheres to standard AML and KYC policies, ensuring the safety and security of client funds.

What is the minimum deposit required to open an account with Investments Global?

The minimum deposit required is $250 or equivalent. However, higher-tier accounts with access to better spreads and services may require a higher minimum deposit.

What payment methods are available for deposits and withdrawals?

Investments Global provides several payment methods, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets, to facilitate deposits and withdrawals.

Does Investments Global charge any commission for trading?

No, Investments Global does not charge any commission for trading. However, traders should be aware of the trading fees associated with different account types and the spread on each trade.

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निवेश वैश्विक

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