Forex Trading in South Africa

Forex trading is gaining popularity year by year, becoming one of the lucrative ways of making money. One of the cost-effective ways to start forex trading in South Africa is using brokers rather than conventional bank accounts. Forex brokers play a vital role by helping traders access foreign trading tools easily.

They can also provide robust resources and handle your capital with utmost care. Are you worried about how much capital you require to start trading? Of course, you can begin with small capital. But if you want excellent returns, you might need a large lump of cash.

In this article, we will provide you with extensive information about forex trading for South African traders and investors. We will also offer you a quick overview of how much you’re required to effectively start transacting on the South African forex market.

How to Choose a Broker with an Ideal Minimum Deposit?

Effective foreign exchange requires one to select a broker having the lowest requirements for depositing money into a forex account. If you are looking for the best forex broker in South Africa, choose from the list below. These brokers are honest, licensed, and the most honest people you will ever meet.

  • Avatrade — Beginner-friendly and offers excellent foreign exchange tools. It offers a minimum deposit of $100.
  • Hotflex — Best for both beginners and specialists. It Rated 4 stars. Its minimum deposit is $5.
  • FBS — A best overall broker with offering a minimum deposit of $1
  • Tickmill — Well-regulated broker. It offers a minimum deposit of $100.
  • GlobeX360 — With advanced trade exchange platforms, copy trading, and tools. It requires a minimum deposit of $100.

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Start Trading With R100

With technology advancing in South Africa, more traders continue to gain access to forex trading. Because of this stiff competition, more brokers have reduced their minimum pledge to attract more customers into the market. Even when you are tight on budget, you can still join forex trading from as low as R100. Below is a list of brokers that accept a minimum deposit of R100.

  • Tickmill
  • Axiory
  • Avatrade
  • GlobeX360

Start Trading With R200

If you want to become a daily trader, start with R200. At this minimum amount, you can be sure of reduced risk not exceeding 0.5% of your investment. With excellent foreign exchange services, competitive foreign exchange conditions, and excellent foreign exchange platforms, here is a list of the best agents offering a minimum stake of R200.

Start Trading With R500

This minimum deposit can offer you a little bit of flexibility. It can yield more returns and income that will compensate investors’ time for foreign exchange. Below is a list of top brokers offering South Africans an exciting opportunity to register and begin transacting with a minimum deposit of R500. When you create an account with these brokers, expect powerful trading tools, a wide variety of promotions and bonuses, and many more.

  • LegacyFx
  • Khwezi Trade
  • FXCM

Optimal Budget for Forex Trading in South Africa

So, what is the average capital for forex trading in South Africa? The short answer — it depends on what type of transaction you are planning to conduct. But the rule of thumb is, don’t transact beyond what you can’t afford to lose.

South Africa is a country with hundreds of foreign merchants. Some companies will allow you to register with the lowest deposit of up to $1,000, while others are as low as $5. While there are many factors to consider in deciding how much you need to join forex trading, $100 is the optimal affordable budget for most traders. This is the amount that traders can easily register with most South African companies without unnecessary risk of loss.

How Much Money Do You Need to Trade Forex As a Side Hustle?

The average monthly income for most South Africans is 45,000 ZAR. This is a huge amount of cash for most South Africans. But if you are not seeking to settle your bills through forex trading, you don’t need to invest such a huge sum of cash.

However, the amount of money needed to trade forex as a semi-profession depends on one person to another. Let’s have a look at the case below. Imagine earning around 35,000 ZAR monthly, but the money doesn’t satisfy your needs and wants. In this scenario, you may need some means of generating 10% every month by foreign exchange. It means you want a trading proportion of approximately 100,000 ZAR to fulfill your goals.

The smaller your monthly income, the larger balance you need. Forex trading as a side hustle is a perfect place to start before making it your daily income.

Can Forex Make You Rich?

If you are planning to invest in financial markets, there is one question to ask yourself, can foreign trading make you rich? Becoming rich is many people’s dream. Undoubtedly, this is an obvious question for foreign traders looking to gain wealth at an alarming rate.  The truth is, forex trading can make you affluent. However, this is only doable if you master forex tactics and skills.

Getting rich through forex doesn’t happen overnight. It takes patience, time, experience, and diligence. Most importantly, have a large sum of cash to leverage. Doing so will help you survive foreign exchange for many months.

Bottom Line

How much capital you want to start forex trading depends on plenty of factors, including financial objectives, and unique circumstances, among others. Minimum deposits are a perfect way to start because they will help you understand foreign exchange approaches. Once you have learned the trading strategies, then you can evaluate your monetary objectives and the cash required to attain them.