Founded in :  2013

Headquarters : Cyprus

Regulation : CySEC





Platforms : In-House Platform

Leverage : 1:30 and/or 1:1000

Minimum Deposit : USD$10




IQ Option Summary

IQ Option is a brokerage company that is developed under the IQ Option Europe company. It is headquartered in Cyprus and was founded in 2013. IQ Option contains a CySEC license Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission from Cyprus, with permission to provide its financial services within the European Economic Area zone, with several licenses from other EU local jurisdictions. IQ Option trading services provide financial services in binary options, stocks and shares, currencies, and ETF trading. However, it is considered to be one of the highest expanding companies across the world with over twenty-five million traders.

IQ Options have traders in 178 different countries, all over the world. However, due to strict restrictions, IQ Option cannot access traders in the United States. There are other countries that cannot be accessed, such as: Sudan, Canada, Syria, Russia, Australia, Japan, Iran, Turkey, and Israel. The trading platform and website are available in thirteen different languages, which permit clients from anywhere the world to be able to trade in a language they prefer. IQ Option also allows traders to choose the currency they are more comfortable trading with. The selections of currencies are: GBP, RUB, EUR, IDR, USD, MUR, and Yuan.

This IQ Option review is an in-depth analysis to define the assets of the broker and its online trading services.

Regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)Does not provide MT4 and MT5 trading platforms
Easy and convenient method of opening an accountot available for traders in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, and other countries
Wide range of trading instruments
No deposit and withdrawal fees

What IQ Option Offers

What IQ Option Offers
169 Stock CFDs
27 Cryptocurrencies
25 ETFs
49 Forex
46 Binary Options
5 Commodities

Accounts of IQ Option

There are two types of trading accounts when it comes to IQ Option, which are: the Real Account and the VIP Account. The Real Account is available, with only a required deposit of ten dollars to start the account. The VIP Account is strictly for those who are above and beyond, depositing funds of 1,900USD or its currency equivalency.

Account types available based on trading volume and experienceHigh minimum deposit for VIP Account
Available as Demo AccountTrading competitions only available for traders outside of EU
VIP Account has personalized features
Real Account has low minimum deposit

For real trading accounts, IQ Option requires a minimum deposit of ten dollars and new traders can spend only ten dollars to get the live account up and running. The real account can be reached with a ten dollar investment, at a minimum, and there are no limitations when it comes to the functions of trading. The real account offers the option that traders can participate in several trading competitions that are events on the trading platform, but for traders residing outside the EU. You can try using the Real Account through the Free Demo Account to understand how it works, without facing any significant financial loss.

Real Account

Low minimum depositTrading competitions available for traders outside of the EU
Low minimum investment amountAccess on in-house IQ Option trading platform only
Access to 70+ trading instruments

Under two conditions. The two conditions are as follows: traders who have made a deposit of 1,900USD or an equivalent of that amount in other currencies, and or clients who have a trading volume of 15,000USD. The VIP Account consists of the features of the Real account and personalized features; the personalized features that they provide are a personal manager at the trader’s beck and call and a monthly report on the trading records of the trader.

VIP Account

Personalized features availableDoes not access mainstream trading platforms
Monthly report to track trading records of tradersHigh minimum deposit required of 1900USD
Suitable for traders with experience or high trading volume

How To Open An IQ Account

The Demo Account sign-up process and the Standard account are the same, there is no difference

STEP ONE: Fill in your full name, email address, and password for the account. You can link your social media to the application to sign-up from there.

STEP TWO: Start Trading!

IQ Option Opening an Account STEP 1

STEP ONE: Fill in your full name, email address, and password for the account. You can link your social media to the application to sign-up from there.

STEP TWO: Start Trading!

IQ OPTION Opening an Account Step 2

Start Trading

Deposits And Withdrawals

With IQ Option, there is a minimum amount to deposit of ten USD or GBP or EUR. Traders can choose their method of deposit, while this trading provider does not make the client pay fees for depositing funds.  There are certain steps that need to take place for traders to make their first deposit, where they need to participate in the account verification process.

IQ Option provides its traders various methods of deposits and withdrawals to and from the trader’s account. Traders can now use methods such as: Debit Cards (Maestro and Visa Electron), Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard), along with electronic payments (Skrill, MoneyBookers, CashU, and Neteller). IQ Option is able to process payments through Wire Transfer; with the current minimum amount for withdrawal is two dollars. The time it takes to process requests for withdrawal is one business day, but the local financial institution may pay for this process.


No deposit feeLack of variety for base currencies
Low minimum deposit
Wide range of deposit methods
Verification needed for first deposit to ensure safety
Deposit Options
Credit Card\Debit Card
Perfect Money
Bank Transfer

With withdrawing funds from trading accounts from IQ Option, the method traders’ use can contrast against the method of the deposit. The electronic wallet for withdrawals is similar to those for deposits. If a deposit was made through an electronic payment, then traders must withdraw funds to the same electronic account. However, despite the method of withdrawal the trader chooses, it processes the trading order or request in the span of three business days. With bank cards and payment mediators, there may be added time in processing the request.


No withdrawal feeFees may be charged if withdrawing from bank
Low minimum withdrawal amount requiredSlow withdrawal process with bank transfer
Different methods of withdrawal
E-wallets process requests instantly
Withdrawal Options
Credit Card\Debit Card
Perfect Money
Bank Transfer

 How To Trade with IQ Option

How To Trade

To trade with IQ Option, you can download their trading platform on your desktop or mobile device, whichever software you have.

Trading Tools

Tools That IQ Option Offers
News Feed
Economic Calendars
Customizable Price Alert
Traders' Sentiment
Community Live Deals
News feed is accurate with real-time eventsNone
Customized price alerts that suit your trading needs
Trading community to interact and discuss trading strategies

These trading tools are very efficient for you, if you are trading with IQ Option. The news feed is updated on a daily basis, sometimes more than once a day. The economic calendars cover every major trading event all around the world, and the calendars provide notifications to alert you on the event. The interactive Trading community allows traders to share trading ideas and even learn from one another, in regards to trading solutions and trading strategies.

IQ Option Indicators

  • Moving Averages (MAs): these indicators, such as Smooth Simple Moving Averages and Exponential Moving Averages, can offer you insights into current trends and can be used with different indicators.
  • The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD): this indicator provides where moving averages meet and divide.
  • The Relative Strength Index (RSI): this indicator aids in finding out the strength of a current trend, and its possible reversal points. It also compares between the absolute growths of a trading asset’s price with the total price reduction.
  • The Stoch or Stochastic Oscillator indicators: it is an indicator that shows the current position of a price and comparing it to the extremes from the selected period; it is a percentage that helps you define the possible reversal points.
  • The Average True Range (ATR): this indicator shows the current volatility in a trading asset in the selected period, where it also determines the change rate of quotes.
  • The Parabolic SAR: it is a similar indicator to MAs, but the position changes depending on the price and it moves with the combination of high acceleration.
  • The Average Directional Movement Index (ADX): this indicator shows the strength of a trend before price movements take place, and it also shows any possible changes in market volatility.
  • Fractal: these are series that shows the local maximum and minimum of price curves, along with the market reversal points.
  • Commodity Channel Index (CCI): it measures the speed with price movements and helps traders define the forthcoming market reversals, or analyze a trend’s strength.
  • The Alligator Indicator: this indicator aids in assessing market-movement in direction and helps with filtering Side-Bands.
  • The Awesome Oscillator: this indicator is a visualized ratio of two Simple Moving Averages, with one fast indicator and one slow indicator. This indicator show new development.
  • Bollinger Bands: these indicators show trends of a dynamic range for price changes.
  • Volume Indicators: these indicators define the quantities of your chosen trading asset that were purchased and sold within a given period, showing interest.

Orders of IQ Option

Order Types
Multiplier Orders
Stop Loss Orders
Take Profit Orders
Trailing Stop Orders
Purchase At\Pre-Order

The Multiplier Orders are order types that permit traders to enhance their ROI, or return on investment, through a multiplier. If you have a multiplier, the price changes of your trading asset will increase by twenty-fold, fifty-fold, or 100-fold. The multiplier order will increase your profits, but you will face more financial risk in return.

The Stop-Loss Orders are order types that permit traders to define a maximum financial loss that they are willing to agree to during a trade. With Stop-Loss orders, once you reach the financial amount you specified as your maximum loss, the trade is closed in order to curb your loss.

The Take Profit Orders are order types that work in the opposite direction of the Stop-Loss order, where you can close a trade early on and gather your profit when it reaches the amount you have specified.

The Trailing Stop Orders are order types that enhance on the idea of a Stop-Loss order by fundamentally using automatic closing at a stop. Trailing Stop orders will move in accordance to the price changes, in the direction that you specified.

The Pre-Order is an order type that permits traders to go through the market only when a trading asset has reached the exact price amount specified by the trader. Once the trading asset has reached the specified price, the trade will be automatically executed, without verification.

Resources of IQ Option

IQ Option is highly-regarded for its myriad of educational resources and materials that are widely available for all of its clients and traders. The website contains training material that targets audiences of novice traders, as well as expert traders. The educational resources and materials include trading videos, webinars, and tutorials. Traders have the ability to reach several of e-books and a FAQ section that handles all of the most common questions. These training resources offer beneficial information for traders of different capabilities and experience.

Along with the training resources, the website of the broker allows clients the opportunity to reach various video tutorials, analysis methods, and how-to guidelines on the structure of the IQ Option platform.

Educational resources available for all tradersBasic topics are covered only
Visual aid available
Interactive webinars available for more receptive responses
Accurate FAQ section
Variety of charting tools

With IQ Option, you will find many charting tools and variety to help you while trading. The charting tools that you will have access to are: Candle Charts, Hollow Candles, Area Charts, Line Charts, and Bar Charts.  These charting tools are available on the IQ Option trading platform for you to use while you’re trading.

History of IQ Option

With IQ Option, they have had quite a journey to get to their significant reputation today. They were founded in 2013, which was headquartered in Cyprus. They started as a small trading service provider, and ended up moving higher and higher, until they became one of the most globally-acclaimed online trading applications. They currently have 48,091,542 active trading users, from 213 countries in the world. Their estimate of daily transactions from their active users is 1,338,793. This means that they have over 55,000+ transactions per hour, from their active users.

IQ Option Current Users

They currently have 48,091,542 active trading users, from 213 countries in the world.

IQ Option Trades Per Day

Their estimate of daily transactions from their active users is 1,338,793. This means that they have over 55,000+ transactions per hour, from their active users.


IQ Option was prized many awards, due to their stellar trading application, variety of trading instruments, and impressive trading execution. Among the many awards they have received, the three most prestigious are: the Award of Excellence that was rewarded to them in 2017, Best Technology Application, and Best Mobile Trading Platform.

The Award of Excellence is awarded by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts; IQ Option received the award in 2017 because of their high standards of quality and visuals. The IQ Option application was voted as the best application in the Finance Category.

The Best Technology Application Award was granted by the Web Marketing Association, which awarded Best Technology Application to IQ Option in 2015 because of their mobile application that was impressive to say the least. The IQ Option mobile application was the leading reason of winning many awards, including the Best Mobile Trading Platform in 2015 by the IFM Awards.

Customer Support

IQ Option constantly boasts about their 247 fast response of their customer service, responding in 46 seconds and resolving all issues under 30 minutes. They have a big team for customer service, and each trader who has a VIP Account is awarded with a personal customer service account manager.

Fast responseNo voice interaction
Relevant answers
Available for 24\7
Supports various languages

Means Of Communication

  • Email
  • Contact Form
  • Live Chat

Customer Reviews

According to client reviews, the IQ Option platform is an uplifting experience; there are visually appreciative and most traders deal directly from the charts. The trading platform provides an outline of every trader’s open positions, as well as their trading history. There is also a section for Chats and Blogs, which is the highlight of the social side of the brokerage firm. The customer support seems to also make quite a positive impact on traders, since they are fast and relevant responses from their customer service.

Safety and Regulations of IQ Option

IQ Option is a trading application that is operating under a license from Cyprus, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). In order to qualify and keep the license, it has managed to reach the minimum necessities and risk warnings to be able to qualify for the CySEC license, and continues to do so. These requirements include: trading commodities, trader funds, and marketing limitations.

Because of the various CySEC rules and regulations, all traders’ funds are kept in isolated accounts that IQ Option cannot reach for any issues relevant to the business. The CySEC license also provides a level of insurance when it comes to deposits, which looks after all the investments that took place with IQ Option as a contingency plan, as a risk warning for traders to consider.

Along with the act of keeping traders’ funds in segregated accounts, IQ Option provides different security regulations that are additional to those of the CySEC. The brokerage firm has a full SSL encryption that allows all the communication between the traders to the server of the broker are protected and encrypted. That encryption hinders for hackers to reach information or access traders’ funds or personal information.

Despite the fact that it is a growing brokerage firm, the domain and all the financial rights are registered to IQ Option Ltd, in Seychelles; this is a drawback since the Seychelles domain is known to be a hub for offshore and unsafe brokerage firms. The Cyprus branch only deals with managing payment transactions, so it is not the main office.

Regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), one of the top-tier financial regulatorsDoes not provide negative balance protection
Provides investor protection
Full SSL encryption
Client funds stored in segregated accounts

Learn IQ Option

The best way to learn anything is by trying it first-hand, and getting a real-time experience with it. This is why IQ Option has provided access to all traders with the Demo Account, so you can be able to try the platform without worrying about losing any money in the process!

The IQ Option trading account to learn from is the Demo Account, an unlimited simulation for traders to try out the account without any financial risks. The keyword is unlimited, because it is almost unheard of for brokers to offer an unlimited Demo Account, and yet that is exactly what IQ Option provides. The Demo Account gives traders the option to trade and not worry about financial repercussions, with virtual funds up to ten thousand dollars. With the IQ Option, traders do not need to give personal information before signing into the Demo Account. With traders not providing their personal information, this helps the client to protect their privacy and helps them trust the broker.

How To Open a Demo Account

STEP ONE: Fill in your full name, address, and password for the Demo Account. You can also sign up by linking your social media to the application.

STEP TWO: Start Trading!

IQ OPTION Demo Account Step ONE

STEP ONE: Fill in your full name, address, and password for the Demo Account. You can also sign up by linking your social media to the application.

STEP TWO: Start Trading with your 10,000USD of virtual funds!

IQ OPTION Demo Account Step TWO

Start Trading!

IQ Option Affiliate Program

IQ Option provides traders with an affiliate program for traders who want to enhance their income more; the program is allowing traders to gain profit by encouraging others to trade with the platform. If you decide to join the affiliate program, you will simply have to share your affiliate link. When another trader signs up with IQ Option via your link, it will be associated with your unique ID.

You will receive your rewards once the users who signed up via your link start trading on the IQ Option platform. Your profit depends on the trading activity of the client, where you can earn about 70% of the user’s profit. The Affiliate Program is an unlimited program, and the earnings are paid bi-monthly. According to IQ Option, there are 115,410 affiliates in 178 countries.

 Trading Platforms

When it comes to trading platforms, IQ Option did not follow the trends of incorporating into mainstream trading platforms such as MT4 and MT5. They now have their own in-house IQ Option trading platform, which is cheap for the broker and beneficial for the trader. However, there is a lack of options when it comes to analysis and charting. The trading platform consists of a prominent interface, and it is available online and downloadable formats. Unfortunately, the downloadable version of the software is an imitation of the web-based trading platform, with the same advantages and drawbacks.

There is the option of the charting tool that allows traders to select from various charts that is useful for detecting chart patterns. The trading platform for this brokerage firm is functional and visually pleasing, but it may not be helpful in analysis.

Web Trading Platform

Easy to use structureNo binary options for residents outside of the EEA
Well-designed layout
Available in 13 languages
Various trading instruments available

With the IQ Option web trading platform, the platform is very easy to use and it is well-designed. You will find that the search functions are easy to navigate, and you will not find an issue when it comes to submitting an order. The order types on the web trading platform are the five aforementioned order types, which are also available on the mobile application.

The one thing that has caught traders by surprise is the accommodating educational resources that are found on the trading platform, where you can watch basic videos on how to use the platform.

The desktop trading platform and the web trading platform have the same features, excluding that the desktop platform is a plug-in extension and the web platform is via website.

Overall, the web trading platform of IQ Option is quite impressive and has won several awards because of its unique features and its well-designed layout.

Mobile Trading Platform

Works on both iOS and AndroidOnly available to trade with CFDs and Options
User-friendly structure
Alerts and notifications are available

With IQ Option, you have the option to download their mobile application on your device so you can trade-on-the-go. You will find that there are charting tools that were available on the web trading platform on the mobile application. You can use all aforementioned order types on the mobile application, and be able to set alerts on your device. The alerts and notifications will let you know if there are any price changes, if your price reaches its target, and keep you updated on any major relevant events.

Overall, the IQ Option trading platform has been considered a success since there are many awards rewarded to them, regarding the mobile application. Traders have praised the effort of accommodating traders who are on-the-go with its user-friendly and easy to navigate structure.


In conclusion, IQ Option is a safe and regulated broker that would take care of the trader’s private information and trader’s funds. IQ Option is a trustworthy broker that offers many features and elements, unlike most brokers. They are regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, one of the best financial regulators in the world. Following the CySEC regulations, they must store all client funds in segregated accounts and provide full SSL encryption for the protection of client funds. IQ Option provides a variety of trading instruments, including binary options, which is not found in most brokers.

There are two types of trading accounts: the Real Account and the VIP Account, which can be simulated through their unlimited Demo Account. You will be able to use the Demo Account for an unlimited amount of time, to access virtual funds of 10,000USD. IQ Option only provides traders with one trading platform, which is their in-house trading platform. It has a web and desktop terminal, and a mobile application. There are many methods of depositing funds and withdrawing funds, including electronic wallets. You will not be charged with a deposit and withdrawal fee, and you will only need to pay a minimum deposit amount of ten dollars to deposit funds into your account.

Is IQ Option Good For Trading?

IQ Option is good for trading since they have a wide range of different trading instruments. You will be able to trade with: 169 Stock CFDs; 27 Cryptocurrencies; 25 ETFs; 49 Forex; 46 Binary Options; and 5 Commodities.

How Do I Use IQ Options Platform?

You can use the IQ Options platform by downloading it on your desktop and your mobile device, whether it is Windows or MAC. You can also download the application on your mobile device; iOS or Android software is available.

What Is the Best Binary Option Trading Platform?

Finding a trading platform that provides binary option is tough, but one of the trading providers that offer binary option is: IQ Option, Olymp Trade, and GOMarkets.

Is IQ Option Safe To Use?

IQ Option is a safe broker to use, since they are regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, one of the best financial regulators in the world. Following the CySEC regulations, they must store all client funds in segregated accounts and provide full SSL encryption for the protection of client funds.

Can I Earn Money From IQ Option?

You can earn money from IQ Option by joining the trading competitions that take place, or by joining the Affiliate Program for IQ Option, or by using their many trading indicators to gain a stable profit.

How Do I Withdraw Money From IQ Option?

You can withdraw money from IQ Option through these withdrawal methods: Credit CardDebit Card; Skrill; Neteller; WebMoney; AdvCash; Perfect Money; Bank Transfer.

What Is IQ Option And How Does It Work?

IQ Option is a brokerage company that is developed under the IQ Option Europe company. It is headquartered in Cyprus and was founded in 2013.

Where Is IQ Option Located?

IQ Option is located and headquartered in Cyprus.

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