Scanning through everything that has potential to impact markets every single day can be a really hard job. It may also be a very difficult job to predict which piece of information or news will impact any market the most. We have carefully identified and summarized the top five news that may be of the highest importance for most analysts, market observers and decision makers today.

Boeing maybe at Crossroads with its Chinese Megadeal

Boeing is reportedly negotiating a wide-body jetliners deal with Chinese airlines for providing 100 planes including 777x and 787 Dreamliners. The combined value of this deal is estimated to be well over $30 billion. However, the infamous and ongoing US-China trade war is seen as a complication for both parties involved in the deal. As per some industry news, the deal has been put on halt as the Chinese airlines have sought Beijing’s viewpoint before moving any further.

America moving forward with its Arms Sale to Taiwan

Something more to displease China, the United States is moving forward to sell arms to Taiwan-the total value of which is nearly $2 billion. The package includes US flagship tank M1A2, anti-armor weapons, and anti-aircraft. However, Pentagon seems reluctant to supply F-16 fighter jets. Beijing has openly opposed any such weapon-deal with Taipei in the past and is expected to publicly protest should the deal move forward.

Markets exhibit mixed indicators

With the exception of the NZD, the USD found itself rising in value against all G-10 currencies. With hopes of avoiding Mexican tariffs, US stocks observed a positive trend. Widest spread since November is seen between two and ten-year yield. Mixed opening of Asian equity futures is expected, with Hang Seng likely to opening down while Nikkei futures expected to move up a bit. With US supplies jumping the highest in nearly 30 years, oil seems to be entering a bear market.

Thai Prayuth Gets to Keep the Job After Controversial Election

Prayuth Chan Ocha, Thai Junta Leader, and the former army chief, is finally set to return as the country’s Prime Minister after gaining a razor-thin majority in a combined vote of the lower chamber and the Senate. He will be up against strong and vindictive opposition.

Trump Questions Chosun Ilbo Report regarding Execution of Top Korean Officials

As per the said reports, a top North Korean nuclear envoy to the States and four other officials were executed after the failing summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. Trump has refused to believe in the report claiming this execution.