Olymp Trade, a global brokerage firm that has reached all over the world, celebrates five years of financial services as one of the most utilized online brokerage companies in the world. They have over twenty-five thousand customers that trade every day, and have a client base of 250,000 clients per month. The inventive and innovative brokerage firm is ready to celebrate their anniversary of success with one of the largest trading tournaments.

Olymp Trade’s Tournament

Olymp Trade was established in 2014, and quickly climbed the ranks to become an internationally sought after broker that traders all around the world turn to for better trading. They focus on the accessibility of trading and the team of Olymp Trade managed to develop an educational and entertaining platform for users to learn, practice, and trade as they please.

The tournament to celebrate Olymp Trade and its fifth anniversary was announced as a kind gesture to all the broker’s clients for their loyalty. Providing clients the chance to earn more profits, win different types of prizes, and be able to share a one-hundred thousand prize. The tournament starts on November 5th and it ends on December 12th; this is considered to be one of the biggest, longest, and most rewarding, tournaments in the world.

Traders all over the world have the opportunity to compete against one another to reach the Leader Board as an attempt to claim a faction of the prize profit. Olymp Trade clients are able to earn points to go up the Leader Board by making various trades. The more successful the trades, the more points the trader gets. A variety of daily tasks can add more points and bonuses to the trader’s score.

What is Olymp Trade?

The Olymp Trade brokerage platform is enormously user-friendly where a customer can set up a live account and begin trading on-the-go in a matter of minutes, gaining accessibility for anyone who wants to trade. This financial provider is well-known for its reduced fees and financial charges, as well as free of charge educational materials and training programs for their customers.

Olymp Trade is considered as one of the most globally-acclaimed brokers that operates and executes trading operations throughout the world, including regions like: Asia, South America, and Africa. It is rated as a Category-A broker by the IFC for its reliability and efficient performance. Now with their five year success, there are bound to be more clients on the horizon.