As the world keeps on evolving, the need for any particular skill shifts. Today, it’s all about technology and innovation. Today, hundreds of new fields have emerged and it may become a very difficult choice for a person to pinpoint any specific career choice or a skill-set. As per the latest data and analysis on Linkedin, following are top seven skills Asia-Pacific employers are looking for.

Artificial Intelligence:

Future belongs to human-like machines and it is no surprise that the demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing rapidly in employment. Some of the occupational applications of AI may be related to data science, business analysis and software engineer among many others.


Blockchain is the latest big thing that has the potential to evolve most of the important aspects of human lives, such as payments and public polling. It is the same technology that is behind popular Bitcoins and even Facebook’s recent launch-Libra. Aim for becoming a Blockchain developer if you want to pursue this field.


More and more concerns are raised regarding user privacy and data security and, in return, more laws are being designed. Compliance of these regulatory requirements may be crucial for the survival of both medium and big tech giants. Applications of this field may be is most suitable for the compliance officer, risk management officer, and chief data officer.

Front-end web development:

Every business today wants to have a website. The scope is practically immense for good web developers. Frontend web development is related to converting data into the graphical interface for websites. Today, the skill is required everywhere in the world including Asia that has become a big E-commerce market.

Gesture Recognition Technology:

This technology aims to reduce gaps between devices and humans by teaching devices the skill to read human movements. Practical implications are huge in banking, advertisement, gaming, and higher education sectors and the global market for gesture recognition technology is expected to grow over $30 billion in the next 6 years.

Robotic Process Automation:

The process uses AI or robotics to automate repetitive and high volume tasks. For example, customer complaint handling procedures can be automated in the banking and telecom industry. The skill is maybe very useful for business consultants, analysts, and robotic engineers.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media has become the biggest, most flexible and easy-to-access space for all sort of marketing. Specialized knowledge of social media marketing can go a long way in developing a brilliant career in the field of marketing.