TradeStation has launched a new investment that highlights educational programs on trading with YouCanTrade. YouCanTrade offers traders of all fields of experience the ability to learn about trading with educational courses, direct communication with coaches, and a social community to interact with.

What is YouCanTrade and Why Did TradeStation Invest?

TradeStation launched an investment with YouCanTrade, exclusively becoming the new subsidiary of the incorporation. According to the president and creator of the YouCanTrade brand, Sarah Potter, the platform will have a wide range of both formal and informal educational materials that will help all kinds of traders.

YouCanTrade, the new extension of TradeStation, is a social community that allows traders the ability to view investments and educational materials to enhance their trading skills through live trading rooms. This allows them to interact and socialize with other traders with different levels of experience. In the next few months, YouCanTrade has planned on expanding its platform and strengthening its social network by adding speciality “coaches”, where traders can learn trading from the best of the best.

According to the President of TradeStation, John Bartleman, “we are thrilled to welcome Sarah and YouCanTrade into our TradeStation Group family. Sarah not only shares our passion for trading, but also our commitments to helping traders become more educated about the financial markets and their approaches to trading. Through YouCanTrade, traders will have access to a more robust suite of educational resources and actionable trade strategies under the TradeStation Group umbrella.”

What Does YouCanTrade Have to Say About The Change?

The creator of the brand and President of YouCanTrade, Sarah Potter, is eager for the new changes that will take place in her company. She is an advocate on fulfilling the need for educational materials and a social community in the trading industry. Her main purpose was to fill the gap on the lack of educational resources in the trading sector, with YouCanTrade.

“I always possessed an interest in trading, but struggled with how to get started,” stated Potter. “After dabbling in the stock market as a hobby, placing trades before and after work, I soon began honing my skills. My goal is to help those like myself, intrigued with the markets, break into this fascinating world and give them the community that I wish I had when I first started. That’s why I founded YouCanTrade and TradeStation Group was a perfect fit to bring YouCanTrade to a whole new level.”

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