Trading Outside MetaTrader: A Look Into Atompix

.18 Jan 2024
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There is a wide range of trading software to choose from these days, making the task of selecting the right one pretty challenging. Trading software is expected to let users trade their chosen securities wherever they are in the world. So even if you’re curious about which trading software is the best in certain countries, you need one that provides sufficient or global access.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, it’s natural to wonder about the overall best trading software available for traders in the US or elsewhere. And while MetaQuotes’ MetaTrader is a clear choice due to its superior tools and features, traders should also look into the alternatives.

Choosing a Suitable Trading Software

Finding a suitable trading software is one of the main things a trader needs to address when starting their journey. Many trading software is free, but they need to be valid nonetheless, especially during these times when scam in the online trading industry is a serious issue.

Determining the best trading software is pretty tricky. Although most of us can agree that MetaQuotes Corp., the developer of MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5), is the popular choice on this matter as they have been time tested and demonstrated excellent performance time and again.

Moreover, MetaQuotes offers trading software that offers quality and is cost-friendly. Many online brokers can provide you with different trading software, but MetaQuotes’s software is usually the most common; plus, it’s free and has been around for almost a decade.

Still, that does not mean you should immediately opt for the popular choice. It may be good for you to explore and expand your options, as there are plenty of alternatives that have proven their ability to provide traders with a worthwhile experience.

The Alternative Choice

While MetaQuotes stands at the top of the best trading software rankings, it’s still worth considering the alternatives. Expanding your options might help you find out what you actually need in trading the markets competitively. The list of alternatives to MetaQuotes’s trading software runs long, but we’ll focus only on one specific trading software this time.

In recent years, Atompix has developed a trading software that can keep up with the performance of competitive traders out there. Packed with complete trading solutions, this software offers access to innovative trading and charting features, including but not limited to:

  • Multi-Asset Trading
  • One-Click Execution
  • 100+ Indicators (Relative Strength Index, Stochastic RSI, Bollinger Bands, etc.)
  • Easy Integration
  • Access to 1500+ Instruments
  • Access to 16 Markets (Stocks, Commodities, Currency, Cryptocurrency, etc.)

In addition, its platform is designed to accommodate the needs of advanced traders who enjoy a fully tailored experience. This trading software provides all the typical features expected of a modern trading tool, plus the benefit of letting users customize what they want to see on their platform for a more transparent and precise viewing of their trades and the markets.

Not only can Atompix help traders, but it can also support companies looking to participate in the financial market.  Using a pretty straightforward integration process, its platform offers full brokerage services to companies without requiring them to download any additional software. The company only needs to get in touch with the support team and directly request opening a business account.  Typically, it takes less than or about a minute to create a business account on their website. If you’re looking to start providing your own brokerage services, we recommend checking out this platform. It is quite extensive, although its full customization features allow for easy navigation.

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