Founded in :  2009

Headquarters : Cyprus, Australia, Belize

Regulation : CySEC, ASIC, IFSC





Platforms : MT4, MT5, XM WebTrader

Leverage : 1:30

Minimum Deposit : USD$5




XM Group is a financial trading provider that has a worldwide client base, in over 196 countries. The best thing about XM Group is that it puts its clients first and foremost, above everything and anything else.

Who are XM Group?

XM Group is a broker company that was initiated in Cyprus, in 2009. It provides its services to over 196 countries, with the added bonus of its customer service speaking in 30 languages. XM Group has been fully functioning since 2009 and has continued its rise to success ever since.

One of the various reasons that XM Group has been successful in the brokerage industry is because of its attention to detail and client needs. The brokerage company,, is well-known for its focus to customer needs, which comforts the clients in the safety in opening a public account.

XM Licenses and Regulations:  Is XM Group Safe or a Scam?

It is a very common question to ask if XM Group is safe or a scam, for a public account. The answer is yes, it is certifiably safe. XM Group is rewarded with global recognition and reputable awards for its achievements in the brokerage industry, and its highly regarded trading aspects. In XM Group, there are multiple trading licenses such as: CySEC, FCA, ASIC, and IFSC. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) is necessary, due to its headquarters being in Cyprus.

XM Group is fully compliant with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) of the European Union, which makes the company completely safe and secure for the clients. This means that XM Group is obliged to be held accountable over several jurisdictions such as: Hungary, Italy, and France.

Along with that piece of information, XM Group has provided its brokerage services on a global level with its IFSC Belize license. This is an offshore account, where its application of overseeing of trading processes can be lax. Despite doubts over the global services of offshore accounts, XM Group has provided extreme regulations and this allows clients to believe that it is an acceptable choice.

Trading Accounts

In XM Group, there are several trading accounts that are provided with its brokerage services. The trading accounts that are available in are: standard accounts, cent accounts, micro accounts, Islamic accounts, and swap free accounts.

The trading accounts of XM Group, such as standard and micro and zero accounts, all contain characteristics that are custom-oriented conditions. Each of the three accounts, according to the client’s requests, can be submitted to an Islamic account. This shows that there is no swap interest and the Islamic account is accountable for any client that follows the Shariah laws.

What are XM’s Trading Platforms?

XM Group offers a plethora of trading platforms that are accessible to clients and their open accounts. XM Group may not have its own platform; however there are other trading platforms that are available.

The three trading platforms are: MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, and WebTrader. MT4 and MT5 are considered of prestigious reputation and that is all for the benefit of the client. preferred using their technology on MT4 and MT5, because it allows direct accessibility from just one account to all the other platforms.

This offers technical analysis, indicators and comprehensive tools, and stop or trailing orders for the clients to access.

XM Trading

XM Group preferred using their technology on MT4 and MT5, because it allows direct accessibility from just one account to all the other platforms.


Trading Fees and Conditions has offered clients no inactivity fees per month and there is no deposit fee! This indicates that you can create an open account without any fiscal accountability.

This is considered a huge benefit for XM Group clients, since they don’t have to worry about the consequences that follow when they want to open or close their account. However, there are serious trading conditions that follow opening an account in XM Group. provides variable spreads, similar to that of the Interbank Forex Market.

The spreads do not apply any restrictions on trading processes during press releases on the industry. For trading clients, they benefit a lot from these conditions, as fixed spreads are higher and they consist of more flexibility than other distinguished trading strategies.

All trading costs and fiscal responsibilities are available in spread with no hidden fee, which highlights XM and its transparency towards its clients. The trading fees and conditions of XM Group define its reputation in the brokerage industry, as well as its public status towards clients. also offers an overnight fee, the fee that a trading client has to financially compensate as a contingency when the position is available longer than a day and it is possible for a swap contract that occurs as a cost for traders. This gives XM Group the opportunity for clients to keep their status for more than the allotted hours that are commonly provided.

What is XM’s Trading Leverage?

In XM Trading, it depends on the account type and the unit that XM Trading follow distinguished obligations, the client chooses the leverage on a scale from 1:1 to 888:1.

Recently, there has been regulatory measures concerning European clients and brokers, where they can use a maximum leverage level up to a maximum of 30:1. Yet, the Australian clients are still regulating under the leverage level that allows up to 300:1.

The client will find beneficial for their cause; the leverage can increase their income. However, the rule is considered to be inverse, which can harm the brokerage client as well. It is suggested that you choose your leverage wisely, as it will affect all your future financial decisions.

XM Trading

XM Group will aid the client in finding their preferences and tailor it to their needs. The XM Trading staff is very attentive and they have a hands-on approach to their clients.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The transactions for funds in XM Group are administered in a customer-friendly method; clients have the option of several payment methods. These methods include: Credit Cards, Bank Wire Transfer, and E-Wallets (Neteller, IDEAL, China UnionPay, Western Union, Moneybookers, SOFORT, WebMoney, Skrill, MoneyGram, and BitCoin). The brokerage firm ensures that their traders’ comfort as their top priority; they did so by implementing a local bank transfer that allows clients to fund their trading accounts through local banks without conversion charges.

With, there is a minimum five dollar deposit amount for various payment options that is supported in countries all over the world. However, the minimum deposit amount differs, depending on the chosen payment option and the validation status of the trading account.

There is no withdrawal fee with traders, and no charge on deposits and withdrawals. There is also the additional information that XM Group covers all the transfer fees, an added benefit for clients. Any withdrawals over two-hundred dollars made by wire transfer is also included  in XM’s zero fees policy.

What are XM’s Educational Materials and Resources?

XM provides many educational resources that many traders have benefited from, such as webinars and technical summaries. The videos that they offer are top-of-the-line instructional videos that explain to traders how to work in the trading industry. The additional features that XM are providing to their traders and clients are: economic calendar, FX webinars, trading platform tutorials, FX seminars, technical indicators, and many more.

These educational resources are very beneficial to traders of all experience since they provide an in-depth scoop of trading strategies, and giving traders advice on making good trading strategies.

XM Group Bonuses

When a trader is choosing the broker that they want to partner with, then you should consider every possible benefit and drawback. XM offers various promotions and a little extra something that will fall into the advantage column.

  • No Deposit Bonus: The no deposit bonus has always been the most favorable bonus for Forex traders, and XM offers it. They can benefit from a bonus without having to deposit any funds at all, but there is a catch. The no deposit bonus is only valid for clients who are newly registered to XM; old clients are not given the option, unfortunately. The bonus is thirty dollars and traders can only enjoy it if they are new to the website; they also must be registered with a validated account for trading.
  • Welcome Bonus: The welcome bonus is also offered to newly registered clients on It offers new traders to XM the chance to reach 100%, with a maximum reward of five thousand dollars of their initial deposit. However, welcome bonuses are slightly different than no deposit bonuses. This bonus can only be activated when a trader makes a deposit in advance, and then they receive the welcome bonus.
  • Loyalty Bonuses: XM did not monopolize only bonuses for new clients; they offer bonuses to old ones too. Loyalty bonuses are offered when traders are regular clients on, but traders will need to apply to the program. However, the program allows clients special promotions and a extra features that will help traders. In order to get Loyalty bonuses, traders need to collect a certain amount of points that are provided to traders throughout their experience with XM. It’s important to know that this particular bonus is ineligible for clients that are registered under Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd and its UK counterpart.
  • Special Seasonal Bonuses: Traders must not forget about the special seasonal bonuses that pop up on XM. This particular Forex platform is known to keep its bonus system updated all the time, so traders have the chance for an added bonus while being a part of the XM family.

Conclusion on XM Group

In conclusion, XM Group is considered a well-known brokerage firm with global recognition with a top-notch reputation. XM Group is found to be a safe brokerage firm because of its transparency towards clients and its intensely customer friendly services. will aid the client in finding their preferences and tailor it to their needs. The staff is very attentive and they have a hands-on approach to their clients. Their target audiences are new and experienced traders, so they are flexible in dealing with any form of clients.

The benefits of XM Group are that they appreciate the human touch, when it comes to brokerage services. They are considered a safe and transparent brokerage firm, that is approved, with multiple licenses.

There are no deposit and withdrawal fees, but there is a minimum deposit amount of 5USD. An added bonus is that transfer fees are paid by; they also give the option for traders to fund their accounts through their local banks.