XTB’s facing supporting protests as it took place a few weeks after a Warsaw lawsuit sustained a $2.5 million fine that was forced on the broker.

What Happened?

A group of people on Friday demonstrated a protest in front of XTB’s headquarters in Warsaw, to request for the return of financial losses that retail founders have taken place because of a sequence of infringements for which the brokerage firm was fined 9 PLN million.

The occasion was planned by a local commerce union called ‘Trading Jam Session Foundation,’ with various protesters grouped in a city park and carried signs that demand the return for funds to the accounts of clients who had experienced on the discovered unlawful activity.

XTB’s emphasizing shortly after the initiation of the regulatory examinations and investigations in 2017, which implements an execution model that surpasses the full benefits of price increase and improvements to its customers.

According to the KNF, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the best implementation rules were violated due to XTB’s failure to notify on the positive price directions on customers’ agreements between the receipt of an order and its implementation, while notifying on negative price alterations, or in some cases, not implementing the trade altogether.

XTB and their Response

The demonstration took place a few weeks after a Polish court sustained a $2.5 million fine that was authorized by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (FSA) last year, 2018.

The brokerage firm reacted to the serious punishment, saying that it “fully” opposes with the permissible dispute taking place. The brokerage company state that its “asymmetric deviation mechanism” is not infringing policies to supply the finest probable arrangement to customers and has never influenced their transaction outcome.

XTB also confronted the preliminary verdict on the fact that the accusation of offensive price slippage that occurred more than one year after the KNF, or the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, concerning its procedures on this issue, in May 2016. It also happened almost a year after the corporation altered its implementation system so that clients can gain from a fairer pricing representation.

Trading Jam Foundation said it will carry on on with its effort to recuperate for XTB broker losses they experienced from unfair asymmetric deviation during the 2014 -2016 period. The protesters are enraged with the financial losses that occurred with the mishap with XTB, claiming that they did not have any business to be roped into the financial penalty. XTB is still attempting to get back on its feet from the occurrence that tainted its reputation.